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The world is still in shock and mourning over the sudden and tragic death of Cameron Boyce in early July.

The beloved Disney star was only 20 years old. Naturally, even as his family grieved, his death was under investigation.

Now, the office of the medical examiner has come back with their official findings on what robbed the world of this young talent.

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E! News got their hands on the medical examiner’s report, which now includes an official cause of death.

The findings are that Cameron Boyce suffered a "sudden unexpected death in epilepsy."

That is more or less the result that family, friends, and fans were expecting.

Additionally, the medical examiner certified the cause of death as natural.

Testing of the late actor’s blood tested positive for Levetiracetam, and anti-seizure medication, but nothing else.

Cameron Boyce Photo
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After Cameron’s passing, his father shared that Cameron had been dealing with seizures for years.

The medical report confirms this.

Cameron had endured a number of "non-traumatic" seizures over the course of the previous three years.

The report also mentions that he had suffered "several major seizures over the years."

It is still believed that he passed away in his sleep.

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Cameron was last known to have been alive at "a little past midnight" on July 6.

"Boyce’s housemates were leaving later in the day when they decided to check on him," the report describes.

They found him unresponsive.

Very correctly, the housemates dialed 911 and performed CPR.

Cameron was pronounced dead by paramedics at 2:35 p.m.

Cameron Boyce
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So why did it take three weeks for the official autopsy results to include an official cause of death?

First of all, when a 20-year-old dies suddenly overnight, medical examiners want to be extra sure that they haven’t missed anything.

A seizure is an obvious cause of death for someone suffering epilepsy, but not all seizures are naturally occurring.

Unlike on police procedurals, bloodwork takes times to come back.

The medical examiner had to make sure that Cameron did not have anything unusual in his system that might have caused a seizure.

Always better to take a little time and get it right, even if the family wants and needs closure.

Maya Boyce and Brother Cameron Boyce
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Cameron rose to fame for his role on the Disney Channel series, Jessie.

He is perhaps even better known for his role as Carlos on Disney’s The Descendants, where he plays the son of Cruella de Vil.

But even at only 20 years of age, Cameron was known for more than just his acting.

He was an extraordinarily good person who dedicated himself to positive causes and helpful change for the world.

It was because of these good works that beloved First Lady Michelle Obama honored Cameron in a personal post after his tagic passing.

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For some of Cameron’s younger fans, he may be the first celebrity whom they knew and admired to suddenly die.

This can be traumatic for children. It’s already bad enough for teens and adults.

Our thoughts continue to be with Cameron’s family and loved ones as they grapple with this tragedy.

No public memorial has been announced as of yet.