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Last week, the world was stunned by reports that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk had broken up following a four-year relationship.

Well, perhaps "stunned" isn’t the right word, considering just about everyone who watched Cooper’s performance with Lady Gaga at this year’s Oscars assumed there was something going on between the A Star Is Born co-stars.

Bradley and Gaga

There have been widespread attempts to blame Gaga for Cooper and Shayk’s breakup, but all parties involved have refused to even dignify those reports with a response.

Nevertheless, the rumor mill continues to churn, and some folks are convinced that Gaga hinted at a romance with Cooper during a performance in Vegas on Tuesday night,

Addressing the audience between songs, Gaga said her aesthetic attracted a lot of criticism early in her career, as some of her consultants thought that "everything was too gay."

Lady Gaga at the Globes

"I remember saying, ‘Well, I don’t see it that way but there’s also gay people in the world,’" the singer said to great applause.

"They told me it wouldn’t work and they tried to change me but I never let them," Gaga continued. "And you know why? Because I thought they were shallow."

With that, she began to play the opening notes of "Shallow," her Oscar-winning duet with Cooper.

(She performs the song solo during her live shows.)

But before launching into the vocals, Gaga added some instructions for her audience and for mankind in general:

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"Be kind, be kind or f–k off," she said.

Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch, but many believe these comments were Gaga’s way of indirectly addressing the rumors that she’s dating Cooper.

But even among those who share that belief, the interpretation of her comments varies wildly.

Some say she’s telling the gossip mongers to f–k off and stop suggesting that she and Cooper are anything more than friends.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on Stage

Others believe it’s a loving, coded shout-out to Bradley — a callback to the way his character encouraged hers to pursue her dreams in A Star Is Born.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that Gaga simply wished to share an inspirational, pro-LGBT sentiment during a Pride Month performance.

But as is always the case, stories stars just being standup folk don’t make for good tabloid fodder.

So expect the press to continue dissecting Gaga’s every comment.