26 WTF? Lady Gaga Photos

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Lady Gaga is the queen of bizarre photos. Bow down to the Mother Monster in that category. Here are some of her strangest of all time.

1. That's Lady Gaga For You

That's Lady Gaga For You
Seriously. That's Lady Gaga summed up in one photo basically.

2. Lady Gaga: Tattoo, No Top!

Lady Gaga: Tattoo, No Top!
Lady Gaga gets a huge tattoo, and no pants or top are being worn in the process of her getting it. Pretty great.

3. Lady Gaga the Muppet

Lady Gaga the Muppet
You never know what Lady Gaga is going to bust out with next. This latest outfit makes that abundantly clear.

4. Lady Gaga Makeup Free

Lady Gaga Makeup Free
Look at Lady Gaga with no makeup. It's almost hard to believe that's her.

5. Lady Gaga Dope Cover

Lady Gaga Dope Cover
Lady Gaga has released the cover for her new single "Dope." It's pretty ... yeah.

6. Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Lady Gaga Meat Dress
Lady Gaga's meat dress is something else. She is not a piece of meat, though, so don't even think about describing her as such.

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