Kate Gosselin: Will She Actually Find Love on TV?

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Kate Gosselin is officially on the market.

Granted, Kate Gosselin has been on the market since 2009 when she finally divorced husband Jon after an ugly and contentious marriage... that also produced eight children.

Kate Plus Date Scene

But the polarizing personality now stars on a TLC dating series titled "Kate Plus Date," which premiered on Monday night and which basically features Gosselin as The Bachelorette.

Cameras will be tracking Kate as she sets off on a number of blind dates with men who, for reasons unknown, evidently wants to date Kate Gosselin.

So, does Gosselin actually find a soulmate on this series?

Does she earn a proposal?

Will she get the last laugh at those who have labeled her an awful human being?

Kate Gosselin Sux

Rob Shuter, the host of the podcast "Straight Shuter: Naughty But Nice," addressed this topic on a recent episode.

And a source told Shuter that fans shouldn't expect Gosselin to end this show with a ring on her finger -- or even a smile on her face.

“Kate isn’t easy. She is one tough cookie and really isn’t interested in compromising or finding love,” this insider told Shuter. “All she really cares about is Kate!”

The source goes on to allege that Gosselin isn't even really seeking love on Kate Plus Date.

You won't believe this, but the source thinks Gosselin is just looking for a paycheck.

Kate Gosselin: A Photo

“You have to remember that the main reason Kate did this new show wasn’t romance,” the insider noted, explaining that the infamous mom’s main motivation “was money and getting back on TV.”

We'll give you a few moments here to get over your shock...

Kate and Jon first catapulted into the spotlight with their reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, in 2007.

It was a ratings juggernaut for years, until viewers got sick of all the fighting and arguing between the couple.

They split two years later and have been trashing each other in public ever since.

Kate, Kids

Just last month, Jon slammed Kate as broke and lonely and desperate, also implying that she's only doing this new program for the paycheck.

“Well, I guess, to each [their] own. Whatever keeps the lights on,” he replied when asked about the show, strongly hinting that Kate was in need of money.

Jon, for his part, has never signed on for a follow-up reality series and actually seems to be a pretty stable individual these days.

He has temporary custody of son Collin and is also on great terms with daughter Hannah.

These two appear to have chosen their dad, while the other six Gosselin kids remain close with their mother... and almost never see or speak to their father.

So the situation remains pretty unfortunate all around.

Kate Gosselin and a Daughter

Kate, meanwhile, just can't stay away from the spotlight.

She filmed the solo spinoff Kate Plus 8 after her divorce and then went on to star in a variety of specials and reunion shows, including Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Wife Swap.

“Had Kate been offered a travel show or fashion show, we would be watching her traveling around the globe or doing makeovers,” the insider said of the reality star’s latest venture.

This person concluded:

"[However], dating was all that producers offered and that is why we are seeing Kate with a bunch of possible love interests.”

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