Jenelle Evans Told to STFU by State Judge

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Have you noticed something unusual about the ongoing Jenelle Evans custody case?

No, sadly, it isn't that Child Protection Services swooped in this week and left with Jenelle's two young kids (Ensley, 2; and Kaiser, 4), along with David Eason's daughter from a previous relationship, 11-year old Maryssa.

Those who have followed Jenelle and David's marriage for any period of time have been aware that this was always a possibility.

Jenelle Evans With Ensley

Their home is inarguably a danger zone, considering all the guns Eason keeps around; the fact that he used one to shoot and kill the family's dog a couple weeks ago; and also the strong likelihood that he assaulted Jenelle while drunk last October.

The only real surprise in this situation is that authorities didn't remove the young children earlier.

What is unexpected to some, however, is how quiet Evans has remained throughout the ordeal.

Go take a look at Jenelle's Twitter feed and you'll notice links to a few celebrity gossip stories around the Internet.

How has she not lashed out? How has she not been ranting and raving over the removal of her sons and stepdaughter?

Jenelle and Ensley at Disney

It's simple, really: Because she isn't allowed to.

According to Radar Online, the North Carolina judge in charge of Jenelle's case has ordered her and her dog-murdering husband to abide by a gag order.

They are legally banned from discussing this legal issue in public.

For those just catching up:

Eason has admitted to killing the family pet, Nugget, because he alleged that the small dog lunged at his two-year old daughter and placed her in danger.

This was merely the latest in a long line of ugly and violent incidents, but it garnered national attention because people love dogs and because it was so nasty, brutal and unnecessary.

David Eason's New Shirt

We mean, Eason beat little Nugget bloody and senseless with his bare hands before taking the canine into the woods and putting a bullet into it.

Just so very disgusting all around.

Considering the uproar around the attack, MTV finally fired Evans from Teen Mom 2 and then Child Protective Services did a wellness check and determined that the kids living with Eason and Evans were not safe in their home.

(Jenelle's nine-year old son, Jace, is remaining with his grandmother, which is where he lives on a typical basis anyway.)

On Friday, Jenelle and Eason were spotted holding hands outside of a North Carolina home after a judge adjourned their case for the day and said the custody hearing would continue next week.

It's conceivable that the case may not be resolved for several months, if not even a full year, with Jenelle's kids being kept away from her during this time.

“She’s sick over everything,” a source close to the reality star has told Radar Online, adding:

“Her stomach is upside down, she has anxiety, she’s not eating. She doesn’t know what to do. It’s hard.”

This may be so.

Even for someone as seemingly self-centered and irresponsible as Jenelle Evans, the reality of actually losing your kids must be devastating.

Jenelle Evans and Child

And yet.... there's a step Evans could maybe take that would put her kids back in her arms a lot sooner than later.

She just doesn't seem willing to make it.

Which is to say: She could finally divorce Eason.

Legal insiders have stated that making it clear her children will no longer be in the presence of this violent bigot would carry heavy weight with the judge.

It may be the only way she has her family back under her roof some time this calendar year.

Tragically, however, Evans has exhibited all the signs of an abuse victim who is incapable of walking away from her abuser.

We'd love to be wrong -- but does anyone out there think Evans will actually take this step?

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