Jenelle Evans FIRED From Teen Mom 2?! The Last Straw ...

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Well, the day so many Teen Mom 2 fans have been waiting for may have finally arrived.

After weeks of rumors and years of alienating viewers, it's beginning to look as though MTV and Viacom have reached the decision to fire Jenelle Evans from the show that made her famous.

Jenelle's husband, David Eason, was fired last month, and just as Evans' army of haters was beginning to use hope that the Carolina Hurricane would also be kicked to the curb, Jenelle started dropping hints that she will not be returning for another season.

Join us for a complete rundown of recent developments in the life of the (probably) newly-unemployed Ms. Evans:

1. Come At Me, Fans!

Come At Me, Fans!
For years, Jenelle has been wilfully antagonizing Teen Mom 2 fans. But at the end of the day, she was good for ratings, and as such, producers kept her around. With her latest scandals, however, Jenelle may have finally gone too far.

2. The Night of the Gun

The Night of the Gun
It all started when David Eason posted this photo on Instagram. It appeared on his page just after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed 17 lives. Fans implored David to take it down - and that's when things got even uglier.

3. Hateful Dave

Hateful Dave
David responded to criticism from fans by going on a homophobic tirade and hurling slurs at followers who dared to suggest it might not be the right time for such a post. Needless to say, that didn't turn out well for him.

4. A Brief Experiment With Employment

A Brief Experiment With Employment
Like most Teen Mom baby daddies, Dave wasn't exactly a top earner before he landed a spot on the show, and now it's back to the unemployment line. But hey, at least he'll have company.

5. Trimming the Fat

Trimming the Fat
These days, it seems Teen Mom producers are done tolerating diva behavior and are all too aware that there are no indispensable stars on ensemble reality shows. In the past two months, they've canned Farrah Abraham and David Eason. And now it looks as though Jenelle's days as a ratings magnet have come to a close...

6. Farewell, Jenelle

Farewell, Jenelle
Jenelle's drug use, violent behavior, and apparent neglect of her children have long made her an object of scorn amongst Teen Mom fans. Petitions to have her fired from the show have even been circulated by her own co-stars. And now it looks as though the public will finally get its wish...

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