Jenelle Evans: Who's Going to Get Permanent Custody of Her Kids?! [Updated]

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Are we currently witnessing the lowest period in Jenelle Evans' life so far? It kind of feels like it, right?

Which is pretty wild to consider, since she had that whole heroin addiction thing a few years back.

But right now, at this very moment in time, Jenelle doesn't have custody of any of her three children.

And honestly, the way things are going, the chances of her getting them back aren't looking all that great.

As of right now, her mother Barbara Evans has custody of two of her kids and Nathan Griffith has the third.

What could change - if anything - when the judge makes a ruling in her custody case as early as Friday?

Let's break it down below ...

1. Let's Go

Let's Go
OK, so all of this Jenelle Evans stuff ... it's just a lot, you know? So grab a drink, or two, and maybe a snack, because you don't want to get hungry, and let's get into every little last depressing detail of this mess.

2. Justice for Nugget

Justice for Nugget
You know how it starts: after a few years of a steady downward spiral, David Eason kicked things up about a billion notches when he beat and then shot Jenelle's French bulldog puppy, Nugget, for nipping at little Ensley.

3. So Sad

So Sad
As we understand it, all the kids who live at the house were there when it happened, and since David reportedly came back inside "covered in blood," it's easy to imagine that they may have been a little traumatized - to put it mildly.

4. Sure Thing, Girl

Sure Thing, Girl
Jenelle pretended like she was considering divorce for a few days, but when David nearly went to jail because he was unable to pay the child support for his son, Kaden, she ran back into his creepy, dog-murdering arms.

5. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Fortuntely, not everyone was so quick to forgive him. The local sheriff's department and animal control opened up a joint investigation against him, and after that, things got intense quick.

6. Nathan to the Rescue

Nathan to the Rescue
One of the detectives on the case got in touch with CPS to suggest that the children should be removed from David's care, and last Friday, Nathan Griffith and/or his mother, Doris, picked Kaiser up from daycare.

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