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If you’ve been one of the countless Teen Mom fans praying for #JusticeforNugget, keep the faith.

And if you’re not one of those people … where have you even been?

Jenelle with David and Ensley

At this point, we all know the heartbreaking details of Nugget’s tragic death, but let’s run through it one more time, real quick.

Just so we refresh that David Eason hatred.

Early last week, Nugget, Jenelle’s French bulldog, nipped Ensley on the cheek because the adults in the home never thought it was important to teach their toddler how to respect animals.

Instead of taking the opportunity to let the kid know how she should be treating dogs, and instead of even re-homing Nugget, David did the unthinkable.

David Kissing Nugget

He beat the poor dog before chasing it into the woods and shooting it with a shotgun.

At first, Jenelle reacted the way most people would have reacted — she left to stay with a friend and talked about the possibility of divorce.

But a few days went by, David asked for her $5,000 so he could pay child support and avoid going to jail, and just like that, she was back home, pretending like everything was fine and dandy.

However, things didn’t exactly go back to normal.

Jenelle and David on the Lot

In the wake of Nugget’s horrific death, and also because of how unbearable Jenelle is in general, MTV announced that they’d no longer be filming her story.

And so Jenelle is out of a job, and David hasn’t had a job in a while, so …

What to do?

Neither of them are exactly employable, so the only hope was that some other network would hike through all the red flags and offer them another reality show deal.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

Just yesterday, we heard a report that this had already happened, and that the couple would be appearing on WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp.

Not so fast!

According to a new report from TMZ, WE tv does want the Easons, but before they make the deal official, they want David to be evaluated by a psychologist to see if he’s even safe to be around other human beings.

After all, we all know he’s not safe around dogs.

David with Nugget

If the psychologist doesn’t give the OK, then the deal is off.

And honestly, what’s the likelihood that an actual psychologist could meet David Eason and be like "Yeah, that’s a totally stable dude"?

Even besides the evaluation though, TMZ claims that the network is second guessing having Jenelle and David on the show because of the backlash they’ve gotten after the news broke.

If you check out the WE tv Twitter account, you’ll see a statement that reads "There are no plans to cast Jenelle Evans and David Eason on #MarriageBootCamp."

Jenelle Evans & David Eason: We're Getting Ready For World War III

In the replies to that tweet, tons of people are thanking them for "making the right decision."

So has David done it?

Has he not only ruined Jenelle’s career with MTV, but any hopes for any other reality show?

If he has, he’s effectively ruined any chance for her to get a job altogether, because seriously, what else could she do at this point?

Still think this marriage is worth working on, Jenelle?