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The Bachelorette is poised to make history this season.

By featuring the most ever near-naked men on one stage, as teased in THIS PROMO?


By concluding without its lead having a diamond ring on her finger.

Hannah in Her Role

"I wish I could guarantee [a proposal], but I cannot deliver…  I don’t know, I would love to be able to do my job and deliver this, but I don’t know if we’re going to," Harrison told Entertainment Tonight a few days ago, teasing Hannah Brown’s upcoming season and concluding:

"It might be a bumpy finish."

If Harrison is being truthful here and not just saying whatever he can think of to hype upcoming episodes, this would be the first season to EVER finish without a male suitor down on one knee.

But it would continue a very brief pattern for the franchise as well:

Just a few months ago, Colton Underwood selected Cassie Randolph as his winner on The Bachelor, choosing merely to date the beauty, not ask for her hand in marriage.

Hannah Brown With Chris Harrison

"Sitting here now, I really don’t know how it’s going to end," Harrison claimed to ET, saying production is nearing the finale.

"I am hopeful and [Hannah] is hopeful, but the way she wants to find love and the way she is going about this is really true and sincere.

"She is not just going to do it to do it, and as rough as it has been and as wild as it has been, I am not sure she is going to be able to get there.

"And that is because she doesn’t know if she will be able to get there. So, I am interested as anybody to see how this all wraps up."

Harrison, of course, could just visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to find out — but we understand that his job is to promote the season, not ruin it for fans.

Hannah Brown: Out Standing In Her Field

As for what ABC viewers can look forward to this spring and summer?

You may not believe this, but Harrison says one guy is "not there for the right reasons," which is really just appalling at this stage.

Shouldn’t all contestants be aware that The Bachelorette just wants to find true love, not put up with men seeking fame or attention?!? Sheesh!

"There are the guys that just rub everyone the wrong way, that everyone loves to hate," Harrison continued to ET, adding:

"It’s just stuff she has to deal with constantly, and every time we think we’re over it, it rears its ugly head and she has to get back in.

"It really got to the point where honestly, it started taking away from her being the Bachelorette.

"It took away from the entire season and the chance for her to find love, and it may cause her not to find love at the end of this."

Hannah Brown: The Bachelorette Promo Pic

Man. That would just be so very sad for Hannah.

With the season premiere slated for this Monday, May 13 at 8/7c, Harrison says there will be an "incident" on night one that nearly derails Hannah’s entire journey.

He wouldn’t say much more about it, except to promise that Brown comes in "firing on all cylinders and [takes] control," concluding:

You are going to see drama along the way, let’s say it’s a level two drama. This is a level 10 drama that really festers and really dives into the fabric of the show.

I think it’s going to shape this entire show, because it has to do with somebody she really cares about, and so it’s not something that is just going to go away.

This guy is so good at his job.