Jenelle Evans: Back with David Eason Just Days After He Murdered Her Dog?!

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If you've been keeping up with all the news about Jenelle Evans and David Eason this week ...

Well, we don't really have to say "if," do we?

There really hasn't been a way to avoid it.

But just to be absolutely certain we're all on the same page, today we're going to be talking about the fact that David killed Jenelle's dog on Monday, and everything that's happened since.

And how it really, really looks like she's already made the choice to take divorce off the table.

1. Poor Nugget

Poor Nugget
On Monday, David beat and then shot Jenelle's dog, Nugget. We've heard so reports about all that went down, but let's start with the facts.

2. The "Proof"

The "Proof"
David said that he did it because Nugget bit Ensley, and he shared this photo as proof, but as we all can see, the dog didn't even break the skin.

3. Also This

Also This
Besides, even if the dog did bite the kid, there are many solutions that would be better than shooting it in the backyard. They could have re-homed it, they could have done some training, they could have taught their kids how to interact with animals.

4. Just Terrible

Just Terrible
In texts with a friend that Jenelle shared, she said that David hit the dog before he shot it, and that he used a shotgun, which is just insane.

5. Now for the Reports

Now for the Reports
Reliable news sites have said that sources claim David viciously beat Nugget before getting the gun, and that when he came back inside he was "covered in blood."

6. Good

Jenelle seemed absolutely devastated by the whole thing, and understandably so, and she's been making statements about how she's considering divorce.

7. Bye, David

Bye, David
She actually left him to stay with her longtime friend, Jamie Wilshire, in Kentucky.

8. Lock Him Up

Lock Him Up
David, meanwhile, has been at home dealing with the fallout from what he did -- reports say that animal control tried to visit the home, but when they were greated by Jax, Jenelle's pit bull, and several "No Trespassing" signs, they went to the local sheriff's department for help.

9. Seriously, Lock Him Up

Seriously, Lock Him Up
A statement they've released says that they've "initiated a joint investigation into allegations of animal cruelty. The investigation is ongoing."

10. When It Rains ...

When It Rains ...
On top of all that, David had a court date just yesterday about an unrelated matter -- turns out he hasn't been paying child support for his son, Kaden.

11. Yikes

He owed Kaden's mother, Olivia, over $5,000 in child support, and as a source explains to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, “The judge told David at his last court hearing that if he wasn’t caught up by the next hearing, he’d be going to jail. He had a decent amount of time to come up with the money.”

12. Surprise!

But did he come up with the money? Of course not. He doesn't have a job, remember.

13. Lame

When David showed up to court yesterday empty-handed, the judge didn't put him in jail though -- instead, he gave him a few hours to come up with the money.

14. Gross

And by the end of the day, David strolled back in with the full amount he owed Olivia.

15. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
How did he get the money? He doesn't have a job, remember, and he can't have too many friends, considering, you know, everything about him.

16. Nooooo

Well, it looks like Jenelle gave him the money.

17. Ugh

A source tells Radar Online that "David left the courtroom and contacted Jenelle, and she agreed to pay the money to him."

18. Why?!

“Jenelle refused to pay his child support before the hearing… David never paid because he didn’t have any money, but this time he convinced Jenelle that he was going to jail and she bailed him out.”

19. So Odd

So Odd
It's weird, because this all would have worked out perfectly, right?

20. So Beautiful

So Beautiful
While poilce investigated him for animal cruelty, he could have been locked up for not paying child support -- a "two birds with one stone" kind of situation. Jenelle wouldn't even have had to worry about it.

21. Please No

Please No
It just doesn't make sense that she'd give him the money ... unless she's back with him already.

22. So Disappointing

So Disappointing
And sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there's more evidence that this is the case.

23. So Wrong

So Wrong
Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jenelle is no longer following her friend Jamie on Instagram, which is weird, since Jamie was the person she went to when she left David.

24. Dang It, Jenelle

Dang It, Jenelle
Someone reached out to Jamie to ask if that meant she'd gone back to David, and she said that it did. A screenshot of that exchange began making the rounds, and eventually it made its way to Jenelle.

25. Here It Is

Here It Is
Another friend sent it to Jenelle, talking about how Jamie is "taking sh-t to haters," which is odd, because literally the only thing Jamie said was "Yes."

26. So Fake

So Fake
She shared the text, and she called Jamie a "fake friend" who did this "just because I don’t want to be her friend anymore."

27. Well ...

Well ...
It's also possible that Jamie is a real friend who is having a hard time seeing her make this dangerous decisions and got exasperated enough to respond to a stranger about the situation, but sure, this works too.

28. Girl, Stop

Girl, Stop
Something else that makes us believe Jenelle and David are back on? She's been taking the time to trash Olivia, David's ex.

29. Um ...

Um ...
She posted (and deleted) this message on Facebook, accusing Olivia of "trying to make money off my DEAD DOG," and she called her "such a sorry person it's pathetic."

30. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
Pretty strong words when Jenelle's the one married to a dog-murdering abusive bigot, but sure.

31. The Insanity

The Insanity
She also tagged Olivia in another since-deleted post and asked her "when’s the last time you went to AA?"

32. Facts

Keep in mind that Olivia has sole custody of the son she shares with David because he was allegedly abusive to her during her pregnancy, she and Kaden both had a restraining order against him for a long time, and although David did get visitation for a short time, a judge recently decided to put a stop to that. But Olivia's the pathetic one.

33. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
And we don't know if she deleted anything, but at the moment, the only thing Olivia's posted that involves Jenelle or David is the petition called "Justice for Nugget."

34. How Rude

How Rude
Shame on her for wanting the man she says abused her to at least face some consequences for killing a puppy, you know?

35. Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together
So to sum it all up, Jenelle paid David's child support so he wouldn't go to jail, she's back at home with him, she cut out the friend she was staying with and is trashing her on social media, and she's also trashing David's ex.

36. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
And this is all just days after he beat and killed her dog.

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