Jenelle Evans: Will She FINALLY Divorce David Eason Following Dog Shooting?!

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By now, you've probably heard about what is arguably the most appalling scandal in the sordid history of the Teen Mom 2 franchise.

Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, shot and killed her dog in what's been described by some insiders as a fit of rage.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

Obviously, it's a horrifying situation, but thankfully, Jenelle did the right thing for once.

Shortly after the shooting, she took her two youngest kids (eldest son Jace is on a cruise with his grandmother) and fled to Kentucky and the home of her longtime friend Jamie Wilshire.

In interviews and social media posts, Jenelle confirmed that she is "separated" from Eason.

But now, many fans are wondering what will come next.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

After all, Jenelle and David have separated on numerous occasions,

Each time, they were happily reconciled within days of the split.

But we have good news for those hoping that Jenelle will think of her children -- not to mention her pets -- and kick David to the curb.

According to Radar Online, divorce remains Jenelle's most likely course of action as she weighs her options going forward.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

“Jenelle is definitely considering divorcing David after he killed her dog,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“This could be the end for them because she is so upset about what happened and the cruelty of him killing her do."

The insider says that Jenelle is currently holding off on filing because she's "scared" of what David might do when he finds out she's leaving him.

That's certainly an understandable fear, but the source says Jenelle feels as though she has little choice but to end the marriage after witnessing Eason's latest violent outburst.

Jenelle Evans is Sad

“Little dogs will do that with toddlers who mess with them. He didn’t bite her or hurt her. Just snapped,” says the insider.

“David took the dog outside and shot it. Point blank.”

Of course, at this point, conflicting accounts are everywhere, and a different informant tells Radar that Jenelle and David have already patched things up.

“She’s not divorcing him,” the second source tells Radar.

Jenelle and David on a Date

“She is back with him. She doesn’t want people to know obviously, but she is back home with him.”

In other David news, TMZ reports that Eason was in court today for an unrelated matter.

According to the baby mama Olivia Leedham, Eason owes $5,187 in back child support.

He arrived in court empty-handed, but when a judge gave him only a "few hours" to pay up, Eason made with the cash.

Jenelle and David Eason

We can't help but wonder where he got the money.

David being David, he also made sure to threaten a photographer outside of the courtroom.

"Don't get in my face, bro. I promise you don't want to do that," Eason says in the clip above.

Sadly, that sort of behavior is quite tame by his standards.

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