Ryan Edwards to His Wife: I Just Got Out of Jail! Leave Me Alone!

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As previously documented, Ryan Edwards is a free man.

The disgraced reality star was released from a Tennessee prison on Monday after spending three months behind bars due to an arrest in January that stemmed from an outstanding warrant.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Selfie

This arrest came on the heels of several weeks Edwards spent in rehab (following a different arrest last summer), during which time he missed out on the birth of his second son.

Therefore, finally permitted to go home and hang out with this young boy and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, you would think Edwards would be ecstatic and embracing the opportunity to simply sit on the couch and act as a responsible father and husband.

If you did think this, though, you would be mistaken.

Upon getting his walking papers from prison, Edwards reportedly told Standifer that he doesn't want to see very much of her right now... despite all the recent time they have spent apart.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, Take 3

“Ryan told Mackenzie, ‘The first thing I want to do is… I need a little time to be by myself,’” a source tells Radar Online. “He’s had no private time at all.”

It's true: The poor guy has been stuck with other inmates in the clink for months, unable to even take a shower at his own pace and leisure.

Can someone please break out a huge violin and play it loudly in honor of all Edwards has gone through of late?

Standifer, meanwhile, has had the luxury of sleeping by herself in her own bed in between multiple feedings of her newborn each night. She's probably been able to even gulp down cold coffee each morning while the baby fussed and crawled all over her.

She's had it made with Ryan gone! Sheesh!

The least she can do now is give her some space, especially after Edwards gave Standifer so much space in October that he wasn't even around for the birth of little Jagger.

Ry and Mack

Despite this seemingly ridiculous and abhorrently selfish request from Ryan, Mackenzie has no plans to file for divorce.

She has shot down this possibility numerous times in the past and this same Radar insider echoes that sentiment now.

“She understands,” the source explains.

“She told him, ‘I’ve been taking care of these kids. You need to help me with the kids when you're done!’ She’s been really good. She’s been very firm with Ryan.”

We could have sworn that Ryan was done, that this was the entire point of him getting released from jail -- but what do we know?

Ryan Edwards, Jagger

As for what Edwards is craving to do with his alone time?

"He said he wants to sit in the woods for a whole day and not have to listen to anyone talk,” Radar reports. “He wants to get on his motorcycle and ride it.”

Considering Edwards was accused last year of going on Tinder and asking a woman for cocaine shortly after his rehab stint ended, we guess it could be worse.

We guess merely riding a motorcycle isn't all that bad by comparison.

Still, though, allow us to pass along some words of wisdom to the former Teen Mom 2 star:

Man up, dude. This is just embarrassing.

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