Jeremy Vuolo: I Love Jinger Duggar But I Still Wanna Bang Other Chicks!

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Recently, Jinger Duggar has been flaunting more Duggar rules than ever. She can do that -- because she's a Vuolo, now.

In a new interview, Jinger and Jeremy sat down to speak openly and honestly about their marriage.

Jeremy says that he tells Jinger every impure thought that crosses his mind so that his wife can help him fight "temptation."

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Picture

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo sat down with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff for their Behind The Scenes podcast.

Jeremy and Jinger have, of course, been married since 2016.

They met through Jessa and Ben Seewald, though Jinger at first worried that Jeremy wouldn't be interested in her.

"I knew Jeremy for some months before we started a relationship," Jinger reminds listeners.

"So," Jinger reasons. "I knew he was an awesome, awesome guy."

JinJer Vuolo

Jinger says that it was on a mission trip when she noticed that Jeremy had the qualities that she had prayed to see in a spouse.

To her delight, he ended up returning her interest.

Jeremy shares his side, how he had also thought deeply about what sort of spouse he would one day hope to see.

"I wrote down a list of what I wanted in a wife," Jeremy reveals.

He makes it clear that he wasn't talking about his future wife's appearance, but about her character.

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But even after they had developed feelings for each other, there were still some hangups to work out.

Jeremy says that at first he was afraid, even "petrified," at the idea of becoming a reality TV star.

He got over his misgivings when Jinger made it clear that her heart was "not being driven by the red carpet."

Because Jinger is a Duggar, there was no dating -- there was a courtship, an engagement, and a wedding.

It was when they prepared for that that Jinger brought up "the issue of purity and communication."

Jinger, Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy explains that he and his wife discuss various temptations that he may experience.

"Very early on, from the moment we were married," Jeremy says. "I wanted Jinger to be in with me on the battle for purity."

That line alone is a great reminder that the Duggars and those in their world have very different everyday concerns than most of us.

"And so," Jeremy admits. "It’s a difficult conversation at times to have."

"But," he says, it's helpful "to be able to say, ‘hey I’m getting hit with some temptation or I’m just struggling this morning with this or that.'"

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Wedding Pic

He admits that he had some uncertainty about being directly honest about "impure" thoughts.

"We naturally think, ‘if I show her that I’m struggling with this thought or that thought, it’s going to hurt her,'” Jeremy explains.

“Well," he reveals. "Actually the opposite is true."

"It actually builds her trust," Jeremy says.

He says that it works this way "because she begins to think ‘oh, if he’s struggling, he’s going to let me know and I can fight with him.'"

Honesty often builds trust.

Jinger and Jeremy on the 'Gram

So, if we're understanding this carefully phrased explanation correctly ... Jeremy tells Jinger his naughty thoughts.

Most people just check out a stranger's butt or neck or whatever floats their boat and then think nothing of it.

But there are two types of marriages where one spouse will lay it all bare before the other and share every thirst trap they saw that day.

One is people in a polyamorous or open relationship where the couple shares their stories.

The other is fundamentalists who turn their married life into a ritual of confession.

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