Mackenzie Standifer Addresses Divorce Rumors as Ryan Edwards Remains Behind Bars

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It's a tough time in the life of Mackenzie Standifer.

Just weeks after her husband, Ryan Edwards, finished rehab after 90 days of treatment, he relapsed and was arrested for heroin possession.

These days, Ryan remains in jail, at least until the beginning of his trial in April.

The situation has led many to wonder if Mackenzie has finally had enough.

For a long time, Standifer was silent on the matter, but now -- she's speaking out.

And some fans are very surprised by what she has to say.

Take a look:

1. The Not-So-Happy Couple

The Not-So-Happy Couple
No doubt about it, Ryan and Mackenzie have been faced with one rough patch after another.

2. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Ryan's first stint in rehab came just days after he and Mackenzie got married.

3. A Shocking Scene

A Shocking Scene
The decision to seek treatment came after Ryan lost consciousness while driving to the wedding, a scene that was captured by Teen Mom OG cameras.

4. Hard Times

Hard Times
Ryan's first time in rehab was brief -- and he relapsed almost immediately after leaving treatment.

5. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
In the months to come, Edwards would endure numerous brushes with the law resulting in 3 arrests within the span of 18 months.

6. Back to the 'Hab

Back to the 'Hab
Eventually, he checked back into rehab, this time completing a 90-day course of treatment.

7. Finally Free

Finally Free
Ryan missed the birth of his second son during treatment, and Mackenzie was clearly overjoyed when he returned home and finally met baby Jagger.

8. Short-Lived Joy

Short-Lived Joy
Unfortunately, Ryan was soon back to his old ways.

9. Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble
Less than two months after he left treatment, Ryan was arrested for heroin possession. He also faced charges for skipping out on a bar tab, but those charges have since been dropped.

10. Without Bail

Without Bail
Ryan has been in jail ever since. He'll remain behind bars at least until his trial begins on April 15.

11. A Familiar Pattern

A Familiar Pattern
Mackenzie, of course, has been down this road with Ryan several times before -- but this time is different.

12. Higher Stakes

Higher Stakes
Ryan always had a lot to lose, but this time, he messed up knowing he has a newborn son at home.

13. What to Do?

What to Do?
During his latest stint in rehab, Mackenzie specifically stated that she would kick Ryan out of the house if he relapsed again.

14. Now's the Time

Now's the Time
So perhaps it's not surprising that fans are asking Mack if she plans on filing for divorce.

15. Not Mincing Words

Not Mincing Words
"Are you and Ryan divorced?" one fan asked point-blank. Mackenzie replied simply, "Hell no."

16. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Mackenzie declined to comment on her future with Ryan, but it seems that for now, the two of them are still together.

17. Standifer By Her Man

Standifer By Her Man
In the past, Mackenzie has expressed frustration with those who have encouraged her to part ways with Edwards.

18. Holding Out For Happiness

Holding Out For Happiness
Clearly, Mackenzie is under the impression that if she weathers one more storm, there will be smooth sailing ahead.

19. Her Favorite Metaphor

Her Favorite Metaphor
Mackenzie is fond of saying, "You don't burn down your house because it's messy" in reference to her relationship.

20. Sure ...

Sure ...
That may be true, but if your house KEEPS spontaneously combusting, it might be time to pack your stuff. Just saying.

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