Ryan Edwards Arrest Details: He Drank (6 Whiskeys!), He Dashed, He Got Caught, He is F--ked [UPDATED]

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It's very easy to make Ryan Edwards jokes right now.

The former Teen Mom star just got arrested for the umpteenth time for drug possession and may be headed back to prison.

But Maci Bookout's ex-husband and Mackenzie Standifer's current husband clearly has a legitimate problem. He has an addiction.

He also has a newborn son at home. The poor little guy.

So we aren't gonna blast Ryan here, we're just gonna relay the latest from his arrest.

Courtesy of a Chattanooga Police Department report obtained by Radar Online, here is what we now know...

1. This is What Prompted the Arrest:

This is What Prompted the Arrest:
A Bud’s Sports Bar server contacted the authorities after Edwards drank and dashed on December 19, 2018.

2. What Does That Mean?

What Does That Mean?
It means Edwards skipped out on his restaurant tab. He tried not to pay it.

3. How Much Did He Owe?

How Much Did He Owe?
“Edwards had ordered six Jack Daniels Whiskey drinks, totaling $36, and left without paying for them” the report reads. (That's a pretty good deal for whiskey drinks, we agree.)

4. For How Long Was He at the Bar?

For How Long Was He at the Bar?
From noon to 4 p.m., police say.

5. From There...

From There...
An officer tracked down Ryan through the Criminal Justice Portal and the server confirmed his identity through this photo. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

6. Cue the Arrest

Cue the Arrest
The father of two was arrested on January 23, 2019. Hamilton County charged him with theft of services and held him on $500 bond. Ryan was also charged with possession of heroin from a Red Bank warrant. He's being held on no bond for the second charge.

7. Smaller Details:

Smaller Details:
In the report obtained from Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, Edwards is listed as “unemployed.” Standifer, who gave birth to their son Jagger in October, is listed as his contact.

8. This is the Full Statement:

This is the Full Statement:
“On January 23, 2019, Ryan Edwards was reporting to Hamilton County Probation Office at which time he was arrested due to outstanding warrants,” Public Relations Manager for Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office J. Matt Lea released in a statement. “Hamilton County Probation personnel contacted the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Division to respond to their location and execute the open warrant for the charge of Theft of Services Under $1000. The Simple Possession was executed by the Red Bank Police Department.”

9. When is Ryan Due in Court?

When is Ryan Due in Court?
On February 6, 2019.

10. He Just Completed Rehab, Right?

He Just Completed Rehab, Right?
Yes, he missed his second son's birth as a result. But he did try to get clean and sober for 90 days and returned home right around Thanksgiving.

11. He Has a Very Troubled History

He Has a Very Troubled History
The MTV star was issued a citation in March of 2017 for simple possession of heroin after police confiscated 14 hypodermic needles, one of which contained heroin.

12. And Then?

And Then?
He checked into rehab after his May 2017 wedding -- where he was filmed falling asleep at the wheel and slurring his words. He left treatment after 21 days instead of the full 30.

13. Things Snowballed from There

Things Snowballed from There
Then, in March of 2018, he was arrested for petition to revoke after failing a drug test in January of 2018. He tested positive for opiates and morphine in a urine sample.

14. That Still Wasn't It

That Still Wasn't It
Edwards was arrested again in July of 2018 for breaking probation from a past possession of heroin charge.

15. Like We Said, the Guy Has Problems

Like We Said, the Guy Has Problems
And he knows it. “I will never stop speaking out against this horrible disease! It consumes your life and turns you into someone even you don’t know,” Edwards wrote on Instagram July 20, which is the most recent photo shared on his account.

16. He Needs Help

He Needs Help
Alongside this caption, Edwards shared an image of multiple people with their hands raised and overlying text that reads, “Life can take you higher than drugs. Stop drug abuse. Live life.”

17. He Continued at This Time:

He Continued at This Time:
“I’m asking you to never give up. Each day is a struggle."

18. A Candid Confession

A Candid Confession
“I’ve made mistakes and I have really messed up in the past but there is so much hope ahead and it doesn’t mean I can’t change the future," he added back then.

19. Let's Hope He Takes His Own Advice

Let's Hope He Takes His Own Advice
“If you or someone you know needs help, please don’t hesitate to go SAMHSA.gov. Help is out there,” wrote Edwards, who said at the time that he was “active in my recovery."

20. Doin' Time

Doin' Time
Whatever the case, Ryan will be behind bars for the foreseeable future. Having been denied bond, Edwards will remain locked up at least until his April court date.

21. Yes, We've Mocked Edwards in the Past

Yes, We've Mocked Edwards in the Past
But the guy has two young kids. They need their dad. Let's hope he finds a way to turn his life around because they are going to need him, and because we hate to see a promising man's life go awry.

22. UPDATE: Maci Reacts

UPDATE: Maci Reacts
The mother of Ryan's first child, Maci Bookout is disappointed, but understandably not surprised by Ryan's latest mistake.

23. Silver Lining?

Silver Lining?
"Maci's not surprised," an insider explains to Radar Online. "She's more relieved because at least he's not out acting like a fool. This will give him more time to detox."

24. Worst Nightmare

Worst Nightmare
Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards "aren't taking it well," a source says, adding that they're upset and surprised that "he's not coming home for a pretty good while."

25. Standing By Her Man

Standing By Her Man
Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is said to be "irate" about the situation, but has every intention of remaining married.

26. All In

All In
"She's going to get over it," a source tells Radar. "She doesn't care at this point. She's all in with him."

27. Please, No

Please, No
The insider adds that Ryan and Mackenzie "three weeks ago about having another baby." We think everyone involved can agree that now is not the ideal time for Ryan to be taking on more responsibility.

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