Ryan Edwards to Tinder Match: You Wanna Do Some Coke?

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Sigh. Well, folks, the "maybe Ryan Edwards isn't such a terrible guy, after all" narrative was fun while it lasted.

As you probably know, Ryan got out of rehab last month after completing a 90-day course of treatment.

Those closest to the troubled Teen Mom OG star claimed he'd changed his ways, but it looks as though he's already fallen back into his old habits.

Earlier this week, we learned that Ryan is once again using Tinder to try and cheat on Mackenzie Standifer.

And according to new screenshots obtained by Radar Online, he's off the wagon and looking to get high with some of his hookup partners.

Here's what we know about this sad situation so far:


1. A Familiar Pattern

A Familiar Pattern
This isn't the first time that Ryan checked into rehab, emerged triumphant, and immediately went back to his old ways.

2. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Family and friends had hoped this time would be different. It was the longest Edwards had ever remained in treatment, and his wife recently gave birth to a baby boy.

3. Squandered Potential

Squandered Potential
They hoped sobriety would make Ryan a better husband and father and keep him out of trouble with the law.

4. No Magic Bullet

No Magic Bullet
Sadly, rehab doesn't always result in sobriety, and sobriety doesn't always make former addicts more trustworthy or responsible.

5. A Troubled Man

A Troubled Man
Obviously, Ryan's heroin addiction and the legal problems that resulted from it are the biggest obstacles in his life -- but he has a lot of other demons to conquer, as well.

6. Lyin' Ryan

Lyin' Ryan
Though they've been married less than two years, Ryan has been caught cheating on Mackenzie on numerous occasions.

7. An Ultimatum

An Ultimatum
Before his latest stint in rehab, Mackenzie reportedly made it clear to her husband that this was his last chance -- not only to get sober, but to remain faithful.

8. Striking Out

Striking Out
Sadly, it seems that Ryan has already failed on both counts.

9. Busted Again

Busted Again
Earlier this year, Mackenzie caught Ryan using Tinder to seek out potential cheating partners.

10. This Effing Guy

This Effing Guy
Ryan lied about his age and profession in order to find local women who would be willing to carry on affairs with him.

11. Back At It

Back At It
Now, he's doing it again. And this time, he's also looking for a woman with whom he can do drugs.

12. Busted

According to screenshots obtained by Radar Online, Ryan offered cocaine to one young woman with whom he exchanged messages.

13. The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous
In one exchange, a woman whom Ryan has been flirting with asks if he would like to come over that night.

14. High Ry

High Ry
He agrees, and she asks if he smokes weed.

15. Strange Stuff

Strange Stuff
He declines, then offers up a strange combination of truth and lies to explain his situation.

16. Come Again?

Come Again?
"No I used to do H and I've been to rehab three times since I got out of the army so I don't do sh-t anymore," Ryan replies.

17. To Clarify:

To Clarify:
Ryan was never in the Army. He did, however, used to do heroin ("H").

18. An Upside?

An Upside?
But hey, at least he turned down the drugs, right? Well, not so much ...

19. There's the Ryan We Know

There's the Ryan We Know
"You f--k with blow?" Ryan then asks the woman.

20. Worth a Shot

Worth a Shot
When the woman declines, Ryan replies, "My boy can get some so I thought I would ask."

21. To Be Fair

To Be Fair
It's possible that Ryan wasn't planning to do the cocaine himself, just to provide some to the woman in hopes of lowering her inhibitions. And that's the very best case scenario.

22. Yikes

From there, Ryan and the unidentified woman schedule a time to meet up, but it's not clear if they ever followed through with it.

23. Graphic Material

Graphic Material
Previously, Ryan and the woman exchanged nudes, with Ryan enthusing that his sexting partner looked "tight as f--k."

24. Semi-Honest

Ryan did tell the woman that he's married, but indicated that he and Mackenzie are separated, writing, "We are not together."

25. The Truth

The Truth
Many fans suggested that someone else may have used Ryan's photos for their profile. But Radar claims to have matched the account to his cell phone number. Combine that with Ryan and Mackenzie's silence on the matter, and it's a pretty incriminating situation.

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