Jana Duggar Mysteriously Starts New Business: Is She Saving Up to Leave Home?!

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Look, there's nothing wrong with living with your parents into your late twenties.

Millions of Americans are currently doing exactly that, and for most of them, it's a matter of economic necessity.

Jana Duggar Looks On

But that's not the case for Jana Duggar.

The still-lucrative Duggar media empire isn't the money-printing machine that it used to be, and the profits have to be split many ways, which means contrary to popular belief, Jana is not fabulously wealthy.

The 29-year-old is certainly better off than most people her age, but the forces that keep her at home, still sleeping in her childhood bedroom, are more complex than finances.

Cinderella Duggar

Jana is responsible for homeschooling her younger siblings, and she also performs several other functions that keep the compound running smoothly.

Of course, the primary reason she has yet to leave the nest is that Jana is still single, and the Duggars only leave home once they've married.

But it looks as though Jana might be the first to buck that trend.

Or at least that's the news fans are hoping for following the latest development in Jana's life.

Jana Duggar: Counting On!

According to Radar Online, on April 11, Jana filed paperwork to start a business called Arbor Acres Group LLC.

And it looks like this is a solo venture for Jana, as she's the only agent listed in the documents.

As for the nature of the business -- well, that remains anyone's guess.

Jana is famous for her green thumb, and the name of the organization has led many to the conclusion that her venture has something to do with landscaping or gardening.

Jana Duggar in the Garden

But interestingly, fans seem less interested in the details of Jana's company than in the possibility that she might be stacking funds in order to head out on her own.

For years, fans have been rooting for Jana to move out, with many arguing that no woman her age should be forced to share a bedroom with several young girls.

Each sign of Jana asserting her independence has been taken as a sign that she's one step closer to moving out.

Jana Duggar Smirk

Earlier this year, Jana joined Instagram, which was interpreted as an act of rebellion, due to the fact that Duggars typically do not join social media until they've entered their first romantic relationship.

It's a stretch to think that posting a few pics online is a sure sign that one is ready to strike out on one's own, but Jana obsessives are desperate for any reason to be optimistic.

This latest news even has some diehards speculating that Jana is saving to move to Georgia in order to be with rumored girlfriend Laura DeMasie.

Quite a stretch, if you ask us, but you can't blame these folks for dreaming on behalf of their favorite Duggar.

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