Jana Duggar FINALLY Addresses Lesbian Affair, Courtship Rumors!

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Jana Duggar is fed up with the BS.

For years now, fans have obsessed over the fact that Jana is still single in her late 20s, an unheard of state of affairs for women in the Duggar clan, who are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Now that John David Duggar is married to Abbie Burnett, 29-year-old Jana is the only single Duggar over the age of 18.

So it's not hard to see why fans are so curious about her situation.

But apparently, Jana has finally grown tired of all the speculation, because she took to Instagram last night to clear the air in definitive fashion.

Take a look:

1. The Single Lady

The Single Lady
As she approaches the big 3-0, Jana remains unattached -- a fact that seems to baffle her family's most obsessive fans.

2. Take It as a Compliment?

Take It as a Compliment?
While we're sure all of that gossip must get annoying for Jana, it's worth noting that most of the speculation is complimentary.

3. The Fan Favorite

The Fan Favorite
It seems most of the Counting On viewers who are shocked by Jana's marital status feel that way primarily because of what a catch she would be for some lucky young man ... or woman.

4. The Real Deal

The Real Deal
Perhaps not surprisingly, this has given rise to two schools of thought. Some fans are convinced that Jana is extremely picky with regard to potential suitors, while others believe she's simply decided to keep her love life on the down-low.

5. Think of Laura

Think of Laura
Some believe Jana's longtime friendship with Laura DeMasie is much more than a friendship.

6. BFFs With Benefits?

BFFs With Benefits?
Jana and Laura are so close that DeMasie spent some time living with the Duggars so that she could help Jana with the task of homeschooling her younger siblings.

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