Farrah Abraham: My Daughter is Gonna Be a Giant TV Star!

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Farrah Abraham doesn't mind getting bent over and simply railed by some guy in front of a camera.

It's how the former Teen Mom star has made her living in the past.

But Abraham opens up in a new interview about something she does mind, something that does bother her on a near-daily basis and something she wishes she could change:

Farrah Abraham Red Carpet Pose

How frequently she must be away from her daughter, Sophia.

“The biggest challenge of being a single mom right now is doing all of these companies and projects … and balancing being there a lot for my daughter,” Abraham explained to Us Weekly at a skincare launch event a couple days ago.

She added, in a bit more detail:

“Throughout the year, I’m probably gone, like, two months out of the year away from her, if not more.

"Even though we’re always together it seems, I still wish I could spend more time with her, and I think quality time is good right now."

Farrah, In the Bahamas

This is a fair and understandable complaint from Farrah's point of view.

It's unclear exactly what she does for work these days, but Abraham still somehow gets invited to random openings and premiere events where she's paid to stand on a red carpet -- which does mean flying around the country without her 10-year old child.

Critics, however, might say this is a net positive for young Sophia.

Farrah has never come across as the best role model or parent for the little girl, sometimes posing naked right in front of her and pretty much always exploiting Sophia on social media in some way, shape or form.

Yes, a daughter needs her mother.

But only if she's a responsible mother, right?

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham

While she’s away, Abraham says her daughter stays with her grandparents, a situation for which Farrah is grateful.

“There are many issues with babysitters and privacy, so before it takes off, I’d rather have her with family," she told Us Weekly in this chat.

The MTV personality (she's gone from Teen Mom, but still appears on Ex on the Beach) welcomed Sophia in 2009, conceiving her with then-boyfriend, Derek Underwood... died in a car crash before his daughter was born.

“She is really focused on finishing up her school work right now, so I am very excited and proud of her,” Abraham offered as an update on the 10-year old, adding:

“She’s been cooking. She has been doing little scripted stuff in between her activities.”

Farrah and Sophia in Fiji

Wait... what? She's been doing scripted stuff?!?

Yes, Farrah says, although she doesn't supply many details beyond the above description.

The single mother simply says her child is going to be “a much bigger star” than she is.

We REALLY hope she means as a non-adult movie actress.

Sorry. We hate to even go there with this subject. It's just Farrah Abraham, you know?

You can never be exactly sure what she has in mind -- or what the heck she's talking about.

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