David Eason to Leah Messer: Keeping Popping Plan B! You're Too Stupid to Have More Babies!

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David Eason is an extremely angry and extremely bored person.

If you've ever met a rage addict with too much time on their hands, we don't need to tell you it's a bad combination.

David and His Chicken

And in David's case, the situation is made worse by the fact that he has a relatively large platform (even after being fired from Teen Mom 2) and a seemingly endless supply of Jenelle's money to burn.

And Eason isn't selective about the targets of his wrath.

We won't bother to get into the many, many abuse allegations against Eason here, but suffice it to say, he sometimes prefers to unleash his fury in the home,

David Eason's New Shirt

Other times, David prefers to pick on someone his own size -- but only when they're too far away to physically do anything about it.

Lately, David's favorite target has been Jeremy Calvert, second husband of Leah Messer.

David has feuded with Jeremy in the past, as he's feuded with just about everyone who's ever been involved with the show.

But this time, the beef has gotten particularly nasty:

Leah & Jeremy: Together Again

“Why is his hair so thin though?” David recently commented on a photo of Leah and Jeremy.

“Probably all the stress from watch [Leah] strung out on drugs while texting and driving with kids in the car," he added.

"Poor babies someone needs to save those kids from this addict before it’s too late.”

Leah was quick to jump to her former (and possibly current) dude's defense:

Leah Messer, Up Close

“Haven’t you already been blocked by Instagram how many times again for bullying on social networks?” she wrote to David.

“They even though Jeremy’s account was you! @Instagram pleaseeee take down this account too," Leah added.

"They are a harm to our communities and our families. Get off my page with your threats, defamation and irrational behavior!” 

Unfortunately, Instagram has yet to respond to Leah's plea.

Leah and Jeremy, Yet Again

And so, David still has his account, and he's still harassing Leah.

“Plan B is not to be ‘taken as needed,’" an obsessed Eason wrote alongside a photo of Leah that he posted to his own IG Stories.

"I wouldn’t expect anything better from this dumbass. She can hardly even form a sentence when she talks.”

Yes, this dude really went there, and yes, he's so fixated that he's denigrating Leah on his account.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

(Though to be fair, he's probably blocked by hers.)

Thus far, the Calverts have yet to respond, which is obviously for the best.

Unfortunately, trolling might be David's only talent in life, and he's proven to be something of an expert when it comes to pulling people into conflicts they want no part of.

So you can expect that Eason is far from done with these two.

Like we said, he's very, very bored.

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