Jeremy Calvert to David Eason: Let's Fight, You Dumb F--k!

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Does anyone from Teen Mom like David Eason, aside from Jenelle?

They don't, right?

Jenelle's mom, Barbara, tolerates him so she can keep an eye on her daughter and her grandkids, but that's not really the same thing.

Aside from her, we can't think of anyone who's even willing to be in the same room with him.

Some cast members have spoken out about how awful he is -- Kailyn Lowry definitely comes to mind here.

But one has gone as far as to threaten David with physical violence.

And that cast member is none other than Jeremy Calvert.

1. Heeeere's Jeremy!

Heeeere's Jeremy!
We got to know Jeremy Calvert when he entered the cast of Teen Mom 2 as Leah Messer's boyfriend. He eventually became her second husband and the father of her third child, so we've seen quite a bit of him.

2. A Fact

A Fact
And one thing we know about him is that he's never afraid to speak his mind. Ever.

3. And Another Fact

And Another Fact
He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, for better or for worse, and he's quick to share his opinion on any given topic, no matter how controversial.

4. And So ...

And So ...
That's how he's gotten into a feud or two with Jenelle and David over the years.

5. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
When David was fired from the show last year for his homophobic remarks, Jeremy made a statement to say "I didn't think it was appropriate. I wasn't raised that way!"

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
That was pretty mild, but things got much more heated a few months later when Jenelle had that whole road rage incident where she followed a stranger home and pulled a gun on him because he cut her off on the highway.

7. Well ...

Well ...
Jeremy, a gun owner himself, pointed out that MTV should probably do something about how unbelievably dangerous and dumb that was, and Jenelle did not appreciate it.

8. Weird Tactic

Weird Tactic
She told everyone that Jeremy had refused a background check for his guns, and said "I’m legally allowed to have mine, but are you?"

9. Oh My

Oh My
He hit back with "You dumb bitch, MTV wanted me to have one done [because] I own guns and because of you two dumb f-cks," and that of course he'd had a background check done to purchase the guns.

10. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
He also told Jenelle to "get a job instead of laying on your back," and that's when David stepped in.

11. OK

“I’m glad everyone thinks they need to tell me and Jenelle we need a job," he wrote on Facebook.

12. Flexing

"Just because you’re a broke bitch boy doesn’t mean we are," Jeremy responded. He also said that he could "buy" David and Jenelle, whatever that means.

13. Aww, Kaiser

Aww, Kaiser
And when Nathan posted photos of Kaiser's bruises earlier this year that he claimed were the result of David's abuse, Jeremy commented with "Bro I'd for sure be in f-cking jail at this point."

14. So Much Feuding

So Much Feuding
So yeah, there's definitely some bad blood between these people, and there has been for a long time.

15. And Here We Are

And Here We Are
But now, things are getting even more serious.

16. Looking Good!

Looking Good!
As we all know, the Teen Mom 2 reunion was filmed last weekend, and Jeremy shared this photo of himself with the caption "Reunion ready, when your ex wife picks out your outfit...."

17. What's the Problem

What's the Problem
It's cute, right? He looked nice.

18. Enter David

Enter David
But David disagreed.

19. Sure, Dave

Sure, Dave
"Well ya look like a bitch so there ya go," he commented on the photo.

20. Settle In ..

Settle In ..
Don't worry though -- Jeremy wasted no time in getting back to him.

21. Good Start

Good Start
"Dear dumb fuck," Jeremy's message began, "I wish people told parents back in the day not to do drugs while pregnant, maybe then kids wouldnt have turned out so f-cking stupid like you."

22. Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry
"And sorry to say but your parents have to be related for you to come out so f-cking stupid."

23. Here He Comes

Here He Comes
"And p.s.," he added, "keep f-cking with me and I'll fly my ass to nc and I'll show u what kind of bitch I am pretty boy."

24. Wow

"I'll bitch slap your stupid f-cking ignorant ass got it mother f-cker."

25. There's More!

There's More!
Jeremy continued his rant by telling David "I can buy and sell your dumb f-cking ass.... you non working piece of sh-t."

26. Yikes

He finished things up by bringing Jenelle into his insults with "F-ck you and f-ck your wife and jesus any left over money needs to go to a vaginal surgeon........... #thatsh-tisbeat #goddamn #rough"

27. Summing It Up

Summing It Up
So that last part about Jenelle's vagina maybe wasn't so cool -- she didn't say anything to Jeremy here, and even if she did it's not like she can help what her vagina looks like.

28. Also This

Also This
And physical violence is never the answer, kids, remember that.

29. However ...

However ...
But the rest of it? You tell him, Jeremy!

30. The Fans Have Spoken

The Fans Have Spoken
And believe it or not -- just kidding, you'll definitely believe it -- Jeremy's followers fully supported the David bashing as well.

31. Same

"You’re all the way around ugly and rude asf, I really can’t stand you," one person responded to David.

32. Snap

"That swamp monster has the audacity to call someone else out on how they look?" another person asked before telling him "Go back to your hole and go back to plowing the fields of delujenelle."

33. I Mean ...

I Mean ...
One comment to David read "You seem to be the biggest Bitch of all 'woman beater' and to top it off you live off of her you bum !!! Get a real job like a real man you have toooo much time in your hands obviously!"


"I hope jeremy slaps you around like you owe him money, Swamp Lurch," another follower told David.

35. Real Talk

Real Talk
One person came in with some real talk though -- the person that told Jeremy "He doesn’t fight with fist, he would pull out a gun. Just block him, he’s not worth the energy."

36. Oh, Jeremy ...

Oh, Jeremy ...
It's a good thought, but we all know that Jeremy would probably never take it to heart.

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