Jenelle Evans: Is She Protecting David Eason From Assault Allegations?

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For years now, it's seemed that not a week goes by without some scandal involving Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason.

Lately, however, the Easons have really picked up the pace, and now, new controversies seem to emerge from the couples' beloved "Land" on an almost-daily basis.

Most of them have had to do with the latest abuse allegations against David.

Accounts vary as to what exactly David is guilty of, but thousands on social media are thoroughly convinced that Jenelle's partner is very much up to no good.

Take a look at the latest accusations in the gallery below:


1. Better Days

Better Days
Jenelle and David's relationship has been tumultuous from the start, but the couple has never been embroiled in quite this much controversy.

2. Trouble on the Land

Trouble on the Land
For several weeks now, there have been constant rumors about serious trouble on the property that Jenelle and David have bafflingly dubbed the Land.

3. It Begins With Dolph

It Begins With Dolph
The latest round of trouble seems to have started when Dolph Ryan -- a longtime friend of Nathan Griffith's -- took to Twitter to reveal that he had sex with Jenelle before she was married.

4. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
Eason has a history of flying into jealous rages, and it looks as though he really lost it in the wake of Dolph's revelation.

5. David on Dolph

David on Dolph
David posted this in reply to one of Dolph's tweets.

6. One Sad Dad

One Sad Dad
Unfortunately for Eason, Dolph was quick with a comeback, and the entire incident left David running for cover.

7. Ask Your Wife

Ask Your Wife
This is just one of many responses from Dolph that David failed to reply to.

8. A Frightening Situation

A Frightening Situation
Many Teen Mom 2 fans believe that a wounded Eason turned his anger toward his wife and may have even gotten violent with her.

9. A Mysterious Procedure

A Mysterious Procedure
The day after the Dolph incident, Jenelle was rushed to an area hospital.

10. A Questionable Claim

A Questionable Claim
She claimed to have undergone emergency sinus surgery, but since such procedures are rare, and Jenelle quickly deleted her post-op pics, fans began to express their doubts.

11. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
Jenelle later took to Twitter to clarify that a sinus blockage had left her unable to breathe, but fans persisted in their theory that David struck her in a jealous rage.

12. Uncharacterisitically Quiet

Uncharacterisitically Quiet
Remarkably, both Jenelle and David have yet to address the allegation publicly. Usually, both are more than happy to engage with fans who they feel are guilty of spreading misinformation.

13. A Growing Mystery

A Growing Mystery
Obviously, that doesn't necessarily mean that David hit Jenelle, but the situation gets stranger by the day, especially since David has really ramped up his bigotry in recent weeks.

14. David's Rant

David's Rant
Eason has launched a number of tirades on Instagram and Facebook, in which he reiterates his belief that homosexuality is a sin, and members of LGBT community were failed by their parents.

15. David Is the Worst

David Is the Worst
Obviously, no one who expresses such views in 2018 should be allowed a platform, which is exactly why MTV fired David.

16. Jenelle Sells

Jenelle Sells
To the chagrin of many, the network continues to employ Jenelle, but David seems hell-bent on jeopardizing her other revenue streams.

17. Cosmetics Queen

Cosmetics Queen
Jenelle recently launched a line of cosmetics, and thus far, it seems TM2 fans haven't been too eager to fork over their cash.

18. As Though It's Not Bad Enough He's Unemployed ...

As Though It's Not Bad Enough He's Unemployed ...
Part of the problem, of course, is David, who is unabashed in his hatred of all members of LGBT community.

19. Quite a Spokesman

Quite a Spokesman
As many have pointed out, homophobia generally doesn't fly in the beauty industry. Or in any other field that values human decency, for that matter.

20. Speaking of How Awful David Is ...

Speaking of How Awful David Is ...
As for the rumor that David has been physically abusive to Jenelle, it persists, in large part due to David's notorious temper, which forced his most recent ex to obtain a restraining order.

21. A Frightening Photo

A Frightening Photo
Many have also pointed to this photo as evidence of an assault, claiming that Jenelle appears to have covered up a black eye with makeup.

22. Alternate Theories

Alternate Theories
But some fans think Jenelle spent all that low-key time in the hospital for other reaons.

23. Back to Her Old Ways?

Back to Her Old Ways?
Many believe Jenelle has fallen back into the old habits that nearly killed her in her youth.

24. Jenelle Hearts Drugs

Jenelle Hearts Drugs
This theory might be bolstered by the fact that Jenelle and David's house is often shown littered with prescription pill bottles.

25. Another Explanation

Another Explanation
Of course, some TM2 aficionados believe there's a much simpler explanation for Jenelle's recent medical woes -- and it's been staring us in the face this whole time ...

26. New Nose, Who Dis?

New Nose, Who Dis?
This photo has been making the rounds on Twitter, and ... well, we think it speaks for itself. Draw your own conclusions, folks!

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