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Earlier this week, we reported on the recent evolution of Jax Taylor, the abusive, sociopathic Vanderpump Rules star who now claims to have changed his ways.

And what does that have to do with former Kail Lowry husband and current Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin?

Comeau and Marroquin
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Well, like Jax, Javi is one of those guys who expects a hearty pat on the back for the achievement of becoming slightly less douchey over the course of several years.

If you’re a TM2 viewer, then you’re probably already aware Javi is now engaged to Lauren Comeau.

And he seems intent on creating the sort of stable nuclear family that he was unable to build with Kail.

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Photo via Instagram

Javi and Lauren welcomed their first child back in November, and the couple recently purchased a house together.

Marroquin even opened his own Crossfit gym, seemingly as a baby step away from the high-profile world of reality television.

In the past, Javi has blamed MTV stardom for the failure of his marriage to Kail.

Javi and Comeau
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And so, it came as quite a surprise to many when Lauren agreed to appear on the current season of Teen Mom 2.

If Javi’s last relationship melted under the spotlight, isn’t he concerned that fame will have the same effect on his current romance?

No, says Javi, as he’s now a changed man and at least 10 percent less douchey than when he was married to Kail.

Javi made this revelation during a recent interview with OK! magazine.

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Marroquin admits that he and Comeau went through some hard times early in their relationship as a result of his fame.

"We had so much thrown at us at once," he tells the tabloid.

"I think I’ve been getting better. There was a point where I was like, I’m gonna do what I want and I don’t care about the results, good or bad, but then Lauren came around and [son] Eli came around."

The New Parents
Photo via Instagram

Not an awesome attitude for a father of two young boys to have, but that’s one of the ways in which Javi claims he’s changed.

"Me and Lauren are doing so much better than we were," he adds.

Javi says his relationship has been "different" ever since he and Lauren reconciled last year.

The first time around, he says, "We were going out, drinking, but then Eli was born and we couldn’t do all that stuff."

Javi with Lauren Comeau
Photo via Instagram

After the birth of his second son, however, Javi says he and Lauren "went out for her birthday."

He notes that the occasion was "so much fun. It reminded me of all the stuff we used to do."

So has Javi really changed, or did he just change while Lauren was pregnant?

We guess only time will tell.