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Even if you didn’t watch the film when it premiered on HBO this week, by now, you’ve almost certainly caught wind of some of the more appalling accusations contained in the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland.

The late pop star’s family has described the film as a "public lynching" but many viewers have attested that Neverland removed any doubts they once may have harbored regarding Jackson’s guilt.

Paris Jackson in Hair Extentions
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One important figure who remains unconvinced by the latest allegations against the pop star is Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson.

Insiders say Paris has not yet watched the documentary and has no plans to do so.

And while she’s reportedly concerned that the film might derail her acting career, Paris is "not the least bit torn or conflicted about its content," according to TMZ.

Paris Jackson on IG
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On social media, Paris has been sending the message that she’s not the least bit troubled by the events of the past week.

The day after the documentary premiered, she tweeted, "Don’t take life too seriously, life already takes itself serious enough as it is."

Shortly thereafter, she posted a video of herself and a friend giddily dancing about her home/

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Fans responded with declarations of Michael’s innocence — many featuring the #MJInnocent hashtag — and attacks against his two most prominent accusers, Wade Robson and James Robson.

"Paris, I know it must be hard, but we as fans don’t have enough power to defend Michael by ourselves," wrote one follower.

"We need you and your family. These liars just can’t get away with it. Silence sometimes it’s the best option,but it isn’t now. We need your strength, we need to be together in this. 

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Another tweeted simply:

"We love you Paris! We stand behind your family 100%! #MJInnocent"

Of course, the fact remains that even if one clings the misguided belief that Jackson’s many accusers are all lying, issues don’t get much more serious than child abuse and molestation.

Thus, Paris’ decision to laugh the whole thing off like it’s some silly PR stunt is simply unacceptable, and her response serves as a tremendous display of disrespect to millions of victims.

Paris Jackson on Stage
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Obviously, she’s in no way responsible for her father’s alleged crimes, but her refusal to acknowledge the growing mountain of evidence against him is at best a cynical misstep, and at worst, a calculated effort to discredit and silence her father’s alleged victims.

Even if Paris is unable to come to terms with her father’s abuse and depravity, she should at least treat the topic with the gravity it deserves.

Jackson’s inner circle is maintaining a united front against the Neverland that likely has as much to with protecting the singer’s billion dollar estate as it does with defending the pop star’s legacy.

According to TMZ, Paris’ cousin Taj Jackson has accused Robson of "making it all up for revenge."

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The site also reports that Paris’ mother, Debbie Rowe, recently revealed that she "doesn’t see a point in watching" the film due to the fact that "Michael’s been dead for years."

There’s certainly no established etiquette for reacting to a documentary that accuses your deceased father of unspeakable acts.

So maybe for that reason, Paris is deserving of sympathy — but Wade Robson and James Safechuck remain the real victims here.

And the least Paris could do is acknowledge that her father confessed to some truly horrifying acts during his lifetime — and he might be guilty of far worse.