Lauren Comeau Cast on Teen Mom 2; Fans Wonder How Kailyn Feels About It

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Back when we first learned that Javi Marroquin was back together with Lauren Comeau, it was widely assumed that the couple would keep their rekindled romance somewhat private,

After all, Lauren had always been more private than Javi's previous partners, and it seemed as though she had no interest in reality TV fame.

These days, however, Lauren and Javi are engaged, and they recently welcomed their first child together,

It would be difficult for Lauren to avoid the spotlight under those circumstances -- which may be why she recently decided to embrace her new role as a part-time cast member on Teen Mom 2.

Take a look:

1. A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born
It's been a big month for Lauren. She welcomed her first child on November 15, and today, she confirmed that she'll be appearing in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

2. A Matter of Logisitics

A Matter of Logisitics
"It was pretty much impossible for [Javi] to do any filming without me saying yes," Lauren recently told Radar Online.

3. A Happy Accident

A Happy Accident
Comeau went on to tell the outlet that appearing on the show "wasn't part of the plan."

4. Javi Concurs

Javi Concurs
Javi seconded his fiancee's assertion, basically saying that keeping Lauren off camera would have interfered with his own screentime.

5. Linked By Linc

Linked By Linc
According to Javi, the realization that it would be difficult to film without including Lauren occurred at one of his son Lincoln's soccer games.

6. The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here
"We were filming at Lincoln's games and Lauren was there," Javi tells Radar. "Kailyn is there."

7. Soccer Mom Drama

Soccer Mom Drama
Javi adds that many of the season's most interesting exchanges took place along the sidelines of those games -- and leaving out Lauren would have meant cutting entire storylines.

8. Javi's Take

Javi's Take
"That was a lot of it," Marroquin says. "That's what this season is based around."

9. Little Eli

Little Eli
As for the birth of Javi and Lauren's son, Eli, that will apparently not be featured on the show.

10. Firm Boundaries

Firm Boundaries
"They filmed us coming home from the hospital and Lincoln's birthday party," Lauren told Radar.,

11. Drawing a Line

Drawing a Line
"That will be the extent of it," Comeau added, suggesting that we won't be seeing much of Eli this season,.

12. Sticking to the Rules

Sticking to the Rules
Javi confirmed that the birth wasn't filmed. And from the sound of it, he and Lauren couldn't have invited cameras into the delivery room even if they'd wanted to.

13. A Strict Policy

A Strict Policy
"In this hospital, no cameras are allowed," he told Radar.

14. A VERY New Experience

A VERY New Experience
Not only has Lauren never appeared on television before, she hasn't even watched much of Teen Mom 2.

15. Probably For the Best

Probably For the Best
Lauren says she's only watched one previous season of the show. And considering how much of the series revolves around Javi's relationship with Kailyn Lowry, she might want to keep it that way.

16. Speaking of Kail

Speaking of Kail
Naturally, fans of the show are wondering how Kail feels about the idea of sharing screentime with Javi's fiancee.

17. A Tough Situation

A Tough Situation
Last we heard, Kail and Lauren weren't even on speaking terms.

18. Tense Scenes

Tense Scenes
Javi admitted to Radar that his ex-wife and his current fiancee basically ignore each other at Lincoln's games.

19. A Painful History

A Painful History
The last new cast member on Teen Mom 2 was Briana DeJesus, and that addition didn't work out particularly well for Kail.

20. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
In fact, Briana developed a rivalry with Kail and pursued a romance with Javi, possibly as a way of scoring points against her new foe.

21. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Kail has yet to publicly react to Lauren's casting, but we're guessing she's not thrilled with her ex and his new girl cashing in on the media empire she helped to build.

22. Then Again ...

Then Again ...
Of course, Kail is a savvy businesswoman, and she likely realizes that conflict equals drama and drama means ratings.

23. The Good With the Bad

The Good With the Bad
So as much as she may not like, she probably accepts that the show will necessarily go in directions she's not crazy about.

24. Kids First

Kids First
And since Kail prioritizes her kids' happiness over her own feelings, we'll guessing she'll eventually make peace with Lincoln's soon-to-be stepmom.

25. The New Addition

The New Addition
Until then, TM2 viewers are probably in for a lot of tense silences. We can't wait!

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