Nicki Minaj: Why Fans Think She Dissed Drake In New 'Hard White' Music Video!

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Nicki Minaj just released a brand new music video and according to her fans, she's definitely TRASHING fellow rapper, Drake.

The video for her Queen track 'Hard White' dropped today on February 1 and naturally, her fans aren't wasting any time to decode and dissect every possible savage moment.

Nicki Minaj with Braids

At one point in the visual, a scorpion appears and then dies as it fractures into a ton of tiny pieces.

Scorpion was the name of Drake's full-length album in 2018 and of course, fans are connecting the imagery as a hidden nod to the artist.

The Barbies took to Twitter to express their feelings about the so-called diss, according to Hollywood Life.

"Just killed another career, it's a mild day. #hardwhite #endeddrake" a fan tweeted after watching the video. 

Another fan said, "Did Nicki really say f**k Drake like that like that?" 

While some fans had no sympathy saying "finish him."

Nicki Minaj in Black

Fans also thought her song 'Barbie Dreams' was a diss at Drake when she rapped "Drake worth a hundred milli, always buying me shit/but I don't know if the p***y wet though or if he crying and s**t"

Minaj clarified saying "with 'Barbie Dreams', you guys do know that is not a diss, right? You do know people I said on 'Barbie Dreams'... I said things about people who I know can take a joke and who I know can't be emotional with it."

So, maybe killing the scorpion symbol is just a harsh joke, or maybe it has no connection at all.

Drake and Nicki Minaj

OR maybe the Barbz are actually on to something here.

Minaj also seems to throw some shade at the Grammys. "I'm the trophy of the game, everybody tryna win me," she raps as she holds a gramophone. 

According to E! Queen missed the eligibility period, so Minaj will not be considered at this year's ceremony. 

Despite the Grammy snub, the album did go platinum earlier this month. 

Nicki Minaj in a Throne

But anyway, back to more 'important' news:

Whether you think Nicki is making a dig at Drake or just thought a scorpion was a cool idea you should still check out the video.

The haunting visuals show the A-list rapper dressed in a long sleeve gown with an elaborate headdress. And then she is seen in a futuristic silver mini dress while sitting atop a throne with burning torches on both sides. 

The Queen is ready for war. Drake, are you? 

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