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While the rest of us were ringing in the New Year, Paola Mayfield welcomed her first child.

Though she’s admitted to feeling the baby blues, the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star is loving her post-baby bod.

As you can see below, she’s flaunting her fabulous new curves.

Paola Mayfield Holds Baby Axel
Photo via Instagram

In the .gifs you’re about to see, Paola is wearing a simple black bra and matching underwear.

Using her phone and a mirror, she struts her stuff in in the bathroom to show off her new figure.

"I can’t believe my body birthed a baby almost a month ago," Paola marvels.

She admits that she has a ways to go, writing: "I’m still healing inside and out."

"No matter how crazy my body has changed," she says. "I just love the fact that I’m a mom of an amazing son!"

Paola Mayfield Flaunts Post-Baby Body

She looks great!

Pao does admit that there’s one huge part of her lifestyle that has changed.

"I really miss working out," she admits.

"But at this point," Paola affirms. "My priorities are Axel."

Of course! He’s her baby boy.

"And," she continues, she is workign on "completely healing my body."

Paola Mayfield Loves Her Curves

Pao recognizes that her figure is very different from the abtastic body that she has shown in the past.

"There’s nothing wrong with big boobs and a big butt," she points out.

Paola even notes that, from a cultural standpoint, she does not feel motivated to be thin.

"I’m Latina," she writes. "And don’t like to be skinny!"

"Honestly," Pao continues. "I’m loving my curves!"

"I like big butts and I cannot lie," she jokes, referring to the old, famous song by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Paola Mayfield Loves Her Big Butt

"Anyways!" Paola writes near the end. "Don’t forget to check my fitness website."

She includes a non-hyperlink web address, writing: ""

Paola tells her fans and followers that they can go to said site "for workout programs and meal recommendations!"

"Link in on my profile," she concludes.

Pao may be sporting some curves now, but she knows a ton about fitness, body sculpting, and building muscle.

We’re sure that some of her followers will check it out.

Paola Mayfield Post-Baby Body Progress
Photo via Instagram

Some might accuse Pao of focusing more on her figure than on her infant son.

One, she’s a fitness model. Her looks are part of her job.

Two, that’s super dumb and she’s obviously not doing that.

Baby Axel is the prize, as she affirms in her captions.

Her outrageous new curves are just a bonus.

Paola Mayfield and Russ in the Water
Photo via Instagram

To be fair, Paola has always had an unstoppable booty.

This was true long before her pregnancy.

But it is perfectly natural for the human body to change with time.

This is especially true after someone goes through a process as intense and physically traumatic as a nine-month pregnancy and childbirth.

Right now, she’s focused on cherishing baby Axel.

If she so chooses, she doesn’t ever have to work her body back into its own shape.

That said, we have no doubt that Pao will soon find herself workout out once she is done healing and has the time.

It’s what makes her happy. And the results speak for themselves.