Bill Cosby Is Roleplaying as Cliff Huxtable In Prison, Source Claims

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It's been over four months since Bill Cosby reported to prison to begin serving a 3-10 year sentence for sexual assault.

From the very beginning, there were reports that the disgraced comedy legend wasn't faring well behind bars.

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The public delighted in reports of Cosby getting slapped with a chicken patty, and with good reason.

The idea of someone getting slapped with a chicken patty is objectively hilarious, and it's even funnier when the slappee is a remorseless monster like the Cos.

And if your sense of humor leans toward the dark side, and the idea of Cosby getting suffering comedic karma behind bars is your idea of a chuckle fest, you may want to refrain from sipping any beverages while reading this next story.

Bill Cosby on Way to Court

According to Radar Online, Cosby has been passing the time behind bars by roleplaying as his Cosby Show character, Dr. Clifford Huxtable.

“He is accepting appointments from inmates to help diagnose anything from a cold to obesity,” a source recently told the site.

“If he thinks they’re incurable, he refers them to the infirmary with a ‘preliminary diagnosis.’”

“I’m just offering Dr. Huxtable," Cosby reportedly explained, presumably before seeking out Theo to deliver a lecture on the importance of punctuality.

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“He told us that he wore a bedsheet like an ‘apron’ to get into character,” the source added.

“He said his medical skills are ‘a tad rusty’ since he played Dr. Huxtable, but he’s still ‘hip’ to the ‘role.’

“Dr. Huxtable is sort of like Dr. Frankenstein," the insider claimed.

"He wants to take the head off first and then go in with his arm and pull it out.”

We're not even sure what the hell is going on in that last quote, but remarkably, reps for Cosby kind of confirmed that the 81-year-old is playing doctor behind bars.

Cosby's longtime publicist Andrew Wyatt told Radar the convicted rapist “has regular and in-depth discussions about getting better nutrition for the residents … getting them on natural supplements because residents and officers have major health problems.”

One inmate reportedly told a family member that “he was told to follow along with whatever Cosby says — play along.

"He’s old, so the prison staff just want no problems. He hopes to get a job in the infirmary, this way they keep him in there.”

“The prison does not intend on moving him, so we just play along to make him feel better," said a separate source.

To be clear, if Cosby is suffering from dementia, then this is not funny.

But if he imagines himself at the center of some schmaltzy Robin Williams-style comedy about a quirky ray of sunshine who brightens up a dreary institution, then this sh-t is freakin' hilarious with his shenanigans.

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