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Back, in October, Kendra Wilkinson finally signed her divorce papers to end her marriage to Hank Baskett.

Now, nearly 14 months after the couple split, the long and difficult process has come to an end.

Their marriage is over.

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According to what sources have confirmed to E! News, Kendra Wilkinson’s divorce has been finalized.

Over a year after their split, she and Hank Baskett are no longer married in any sense.

It can be astonishing how long it can take — even after they’ve ironed out a custody agreement and division of property.

Kendra and Hank reached their final agreement four months ago.

"Brutal," Kendra tweeted at the time. "I gave it all i got. Truly did."

"I’m beyond proud of myself!! Fought to save [it until] the last second," she expressed. "Oh well. Life goes on."

Goodbye, Hank
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Life goes on, but despite her efforts to date, some parts of her life are massively changed.

Last November, Kendra noted that she didn’t need a man while she was hanging holiday decorations.

She was doing tasks that had always been Hank’s job. This month, she experienced another holiday in a new way.

"No man, no love, no sex, no flowers," Kendra tweeted on Valentine’s Day of this year.

"And I’m f–king happppy," she remarked.

"What the flying f–k," Kendra exclaimed in wonder at her own contentment. "It is possible."

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Kendra shared that message, in part, to assure her fans that they can be happy while single, too.

But also she was just surprised. And she’s not alone.

Kendra was a Playmate. She’s hot and she knows it.

She has also been very open about being, well, incredibly horny.

She has "joked" (read: not joking at all) about wearing out vibrators faster than she had meant to and still not being satisfied.

To be blunt, sometimes heartbreak can kill a once unstoppable sex drive.

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Kendra has spoken with followers and fans about the emotional toll of her divorce.

"The depression is gone finally," Kendra shared last week.

"Back in the light and feels good," she wrote. "I’m living a whole new life, very different."

"But," Kendra noted. "The kids and I are bonding more than ever."

"Have had to work extra hard to find stable grounds but we did it and back enjoying life again," she announced.

Kendra concluded: "Sometimes things happen for a reason."

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It’s good that Kendra still finds her family life fulfilling.

Late last year, it was reported that Kendra on Top was canceled after six seasons.

That is pretty believable, since the show hasn’t aired since 2017.

But since part of the news came from Kendra’s mother, people were a little reluctant to take it at face value.

Kendra’s mom is … how should we put this? She’s a real piece of work.

But we imagine that no longer being a reality star is causing a lot of change in Kendra’s life on top of this divorce.

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Neither Kendra nor Hank immediately commented on the finalization of their divorce.

In their eyes, it was probably a done deal back in October when they had both signed their papers.

However, it has been reported that they will split the royalties from Kendra on Top.

Even a series that appears to be dead in the water can have enduring entertainment value, so it’s good to iron out those details.

We wish Kendra, Hank, and their children the best as they all adjust to life in 2019.