Kendra On Top: ACTUALLY Canceled?

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Now that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are finally divorced, Kendra's life is different.

Of course, fans can only see that on social media. It's been over a year since they saw a new episode of Kendra On Top.

Now, Kendra's mom is claiming that WEtv has canceled the series. Is it true?

Patti, Mother of Kendra Wilkinson, in Purple

Kendra's fans are anxious for when Kendra On Top will resume airing.

There has not been a new episode since August of 2017. That is a very, very long hiatus.

She's had a very busy year and they totally understand that, but they're eager to see Kendra back on their television screens.

Those hopes and wishes have now been crushed by none other than Kendra's own Mother Dearest.

When a fan on Instagram asked when Kendra On Top will be back on their screens, The Ashley noted that Patti replied.

"Never," Patti replied. "Show is done."

Haunting words for fans of the reality series.

Kendra Wilkinson, Happy Selfie

Kendra has not been shy (when is she ever?) about her life or her feelings on social media since her divorce.

In fact, she built up to her divorce announcement with what we can only characterize as "hype" before she and Hank made the split official.

Since then, she's talked about dating, about her hair, her boobs, her kids, adjusting to single life, and everything else.

Except, however, for the status of Kendra On Top.

WEtv has been similarly, deafeningly silent on the topic of the show's continuation.

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette

With this heartbreaking quasi-announcement, we cannot help but think of the absurd accusations that Kendra has faced.

Remember when fans accused her and Hank of fabricating their marital problems as a ploy to get another season?

"How do you fake marital problems?" Kendra responded at the time. "Makes absolutely no sense."

"2. Yes we are having issues," Kendra continued. "3. My job has been reality TV for 13 years."

"4. My show was a comedy and lighthearted til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama," she explained.

"Not what I wanted," she concluded. "But was part of my journey and story."

Goodbye, Hank

Now, a show taking forever to return without any official comment is ... not good news.

But that doesn't mean that we shoudl take Patti at her word.

This is Patti, after all.

She has been the primary antagonist in Kendra's life for a while -- maybe for her whole life.

(Sorry, Holly Madison, but you've got nothing next to Patti in terms of pissing off Kendra)

Being honest and keeping promises are not exactly known to be Patti's strongest character traits.

This is the woman who continued to move forward with her "not" tell-all book despite the pleas of Kendra, Hank, and almost everyone else in her life.

Patti Wilkinson

So, yeah, we're going to take Patti's words with several grains of salt. Perhaps an entire pinch of salt.

But if Kendra On Top is over, that doesn't mean that fans need to despair.

Plenty of reality stars rise from the ashes and continue to grace television screens.

The best thing that fans can do is show interest. 

Famously, a fan campaign got the apocalyptic drama series Jericho a second season.

More recently, fans campaigned after the cancelation of Young Justice in 2013 -- and, in 2019, they're getting a new season.

Reality television is relatively inexpensive to make.

If fans show interest, Kendra will be back on top -- or at least back on television, in whichever position.

Kendra Wilkinson is Happy

Now, for Kendra to have not said anything just yet doesn't mean much.

She could be sad, or hopeful, or anxious about her show's renewal or cancelation.

Or she could just be contractually obligated to not discuss her show's status at the moment.

The fact that WEtv hasn't spoken out (yet) may mean that they're still considering how to move forward.

We sincerely hope to find out soon.

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