Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Finally Divorced!

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In August, Kendra Wilkinson was in a hurry to get divorced from Hank Baskett so that she could once again feel comfortable going out to get laid.

Divorces can take a while, but not forever -- and this week she revealed that she has signed her divorce papers.

And she even has a particular name in mind for the man she'd like to bang next.

Goodbye, Hank

On Monday, Kendra Wilkinson took to Twitter to make a very bittersweet announcement.

"Signed my last divorce paper Friday," Kendra reveals.

She goes on to share that the experience was "Brutal."

"I gave it all i got," Kendra adds.

She then affirms that she "Truly did."

It is our understanding that she is referring to having given mediation and her marriage as much effort as she could, to no avail.

Kendra Wilkinson in 2018

Kendra's tweet continues as she expresses pride in having endured this painful divorce and followed it through to the end.

"I'm beyond proud of myself!!" Kendra exclaims.

She makes it clear that she "Fought to save" her marriage to Hank "'til the last second."

"Oh well," she says with a degree of resignation but also of acceptance. "Life goes on."

Kendra then adopts a cavalier tone, ending her tweet with: "Bye lol."

Sometimes, all that you can do is shrug your shoulders and move on.

Kendra Wilkinson, Steamy Mirror Selfie

When a fan responded: "Now it’s time to go to Vegas and celebrate properly by grinding up on a stripper," Kendra liked the idea.

"Omg. LOL," Kendra tweeted. "Let’s skip the show go to champagne room tho."

As interested as she was feeling in champagne, Kendra did admit that she's up to get back in the saddle, so to speak.

"My ho side is about to come out and play so hard," Kendra confessed.

Good for her.

Kendra Wilkinson, Big Hair Selfie

One fan even had one very specific idea about where Kendra's next romantic adventures should take her.

"Elon Musk is single," the fan tweeted, adding a heart eyes emoji.

Elon Musk is an eccentric billionaire best known for Tesla Motors, launching a car into space, and for having his stock tank after Azealia Banks wandered around in his house.

He has dated celebrities like Grimes (which is how we all found out that she's 30) and Amber Heard.

Kendra admits: "Actually have a crush on him. Lmao. Hook me up."

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette Pic

Some celebrity divorces after over in days. Others take years.

What caused Kendra and Hank's to stretch on for the better part of this year was simple: their children.

Kendra and Hank have two young, beautiful children who mean the world to them.

So naturally, figuring out things like custody was massively important, and it made the process drag on a little longer than it might have.

Plus, as Kendra mentioned, she was hoping that their marriage could be salvaged.

Kendra Wilkinson is Happy

Kendra and Hank began the divorce process this spring, after weeks of what we can only describe as teasing the split on social media.

Ultimately, their marriage's fate may have been sealed the day of Hank's alleged extramarital handjob.

But in the end, it seems that they were just no longer getting along.

When parents are fighting, it's not good for the couple and it's not good for the children, either.

It's good that they've been able to move on for the sake of their family.

We hope that Kendra finds the happiness that she seeks. Ideally not with Elon Musk, though. She can do better -- just maybe not richer.

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