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Just last month, Kendra Wilkinson was flaunting her boobs to shut down her haters.

Hey, whatever works.

Now, she seems to be in a better emotional place, and is writing to her fans about learning how to "date" herself … whatever that means.

Kendra Wilkinson, Happy Selfie

Kendra took to Instagram to reflect on how she’s feeling these days.

"Been dating myself lately," Kendra writes.

Before you make jokes about how Kendra has worn out the batteries on multiple sex toys before, she explains what she means.

Kendra clarifies that she is: "Getting to know myself and even falling in love."

"Love and happiness is real," she affirms. "Without waiting on someone or something to do it for you."

That’s very true!

Kendra Wilkinson is Happy

Kendra is reminding herself that she doesn’t want her happiness to be contingent upon another person or her relationship status.

She is also working on self-improvement.

"Been taking a lot of patience, empathy, and discipline…." Kendra reveals.

That’s not to say that Kendra’s current journey is going off without a few setbacks.

"Well," Kendra acknowledges. "Except with the dick head I flipped off on the road the other day…"

You know what? That’s fair.

Kendra Wilkinson, Steamy Mirror Selfie

Kendra also shared a similar message on Twitter.

(Not everyone who is on Instagram is also on Twitter, and vice-versa)

"Life is too beautiful and precious to wait for someone or something to ‘make’ you smile," Kendra writes.

She is absolutely correct.

You should be the master of your own happiness.

(Unless, of course, you’re depressed, in which case this is out of your control)

"Getting this dating myself thing down," Kendra continues.

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette Pic

Kendra tweeted about how this is coming into play as she decorates for the holidays. Well, for one holiday.

"The little voice in my head is loud as fuck right now while hanging Christmas lights for the first time ever …" Kendra says.

In the past, we’re guessing that this task fell to Hank.

Kendra shares that the little voice is telling her: "’you can do this Kendra.’"

That’s a very supportive internal monologue!

Kendra Wilkinson and Kids Make Silly Faces

Kendra does share that it can at times be difficult to focus upon necessary tasks and self-improvement.

"But wait," she narrates. "The wine ain’t gonna drink itself…"

Very true.

Kendra also confesses: "Netflix and a blanket look tempting."

This is the most relatable that Kendra has ever been. We’re here for it.

Kendra then admonishes herself: "FOCUS BITCH!!!"

Kendra Wilkinson, New Hair Pic

Now that Kendra is getting to be almost dangerously relatable, we hope that she can stay on this path.

For a decade, she and Hank were together, through the good times and also through that time when he allegedly got a handy from a model.

Now that it’s over, Kendra is back to square one. Her old habits and routines, built around a marriage, have changed.

Some people immediately move on to a new relationship after marriage because they are so dependent upon that lifestyle.

It looks like Kendra is living for herself and her children.

When she’s ready to date someone other than herself, she should have an easy time finding willing dudes.

We’re glad to see that she’s doing so much better these days.