Rob Kardashian: Banging Summer Bunni & Alexis Sky at the Same Time?!

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There are many words that spring to mind when one thinks of Rob Kardashian:

Stoner, opportunist, lover of oversized black activewear -- but one rarely thinks of Rob as much of a ladies man.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

Sure, he's hooked up with his fair share of semi-famous women, and he has a child with Blac Chyna, but c'mon.

We all know that relationship was a farce, and as an angry, unemployed dude who lives with his mom, Rob probably wouldn't fare too well on the club scene were it not for his famous last name.

But the fact is, Rob does have a famous last name, and as Chyna demonstrated, hooking up with him can be a hell of a career move.

Rob Kardashian Recalls His Sexual History

Now, Rob is repeating his pattern of swooping in after an Instagram model gets kicked to the curb by a B-list rapper.

As you may have heard, Migos MC Offset cheated on Cardi B with Summer Bunni, leading to the end of Offset and Cardi's very short marriage.

Some say the whole thing is a publicity stunt; others swear it's legit, but whatever the case, Summer is now on her own, and her public image has taken a beating.

Summer Bunni

Enter Rob.

According to Hollywood Life, Rob has been texting Summer non-stop lately.

Which is a problem, as we learned earlier this week that Rob is dating Alexis Skyy.

“Rob wanted to hook up with Summer Bunni long before Alexis Skyy came around," a source tells the site.

Alexis Skyy Photo

"Rob constantly texted Summer and wanted to be there for Summer especially when the Offset news broke.” 

And apparently, it worked:

“Rob hoped that he would have a chance with Summer by being her shoulder to lean on during those hard times for her. Anytime Summer came to visit LA, Rob would hook up with Summer, and they dated off and on for a few months up until recently,” the insider adds.

The texts, which have apparently been viewed by HL, show Rob trying to console Summer in the wake of the Offset debacle.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

"Try not to beat yourself about all that too much. What’s done is done and can’t do that forever. Meaning u can’t beat yourself up forever," said Rob, in full "wise older dude" mode.

HL's claims have been corroborated by Summer's former manager, Antonio Velaz, who was forced to resign as Bunni's former rep, due to the fact that he also represents Blac Chyna, and sought to avoid a conflict of interest.

“Yes, unfortunately, the text messages are real," Velaz told HL.

Now the question is -- is there any overlap between Rob's relationships with Summer and Alexis?

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