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Offset’s alleged side piece is here to step forward.

In the wake of Cardi B splitting from her husband and baby daddy, Sum Bunni (aka Summer Bunni) has become a (hilarious) household name among those who care about the lives of these artists.

Sum Bunni
Photo via Instagram

She’s a quasi recording artist who admitted a few weeks back to having an affair with Offset.

Not only did Sum Bunni own up to this unethical action, she profusely apologized for Cardi B for any role she may have played in the relationship’s demise.

“I have not messed with Offset since he had his baby. I didn’t know how serious his marriage was, you know … I feel ashamed," Bunno said through tears to TMZ, adding in an interview:

"To Cardi B and to her fans and to her family and to her situation:

"These were never my intentions and I never wanted to break up a happy home or be a cause of someone just saying, like, ’F-ck it,’ to get a divorce or anything like that."

Summer Bunni
Photo via instagram

Along with her one-on-one affair with Offset, it also appears as if Bunni agreed to arrange a threesome between herself, the rapper and some singer named Cuban Doll

Here, look: there are text messages that appear to prove this sexual situation was discussed.

But here’s the thing:

Offset has denied sticking his penis inside of Sum Bunni.

As part of a lengthy videotaped apology (below), Offset said the following shortly after this chatter spread around the Internet:

I didn’t f-ck that girl but I was entertaining it, and I love you, I hope you forgive me.

Offset Begs, PLEADS for Forgiveness from Cardi B

We have no idea what Offset means by "entertain," but not "f-ck," yet it doesn’t matter, Sum Bunni says.

She tells Hollywood Life that Offset is a liar.

“Everything the rumors said, the threesome? So true," Bunni tells this website, adding;

"It’s nothing to lie about, I just don’t feel like we should lie. It’s out there, just tell the truth. But Offset has owned up to what happened, he’s apologized, but he entertained me for a while."

For the record, Cuban Doll has said she’s never even met Offset, let alone participated in a mini orgy with the star.

Summer Bunni goes on to say she met Offset about a year ago and the two were intimate “that night."

They continued seeing each other and talking “anytime I was in L.A. and he was in L.A.” up until news broke of the affair, which was only about a monty ago.

How serious was this fling?

“We were like friends, but you know, he liked the sauce," Bunni uproariously explains.

She estimates that they had sex about four or five times, including at the home Offset shares with Cardi B.

Offset Kisses Cardi B
Photo via Instagram

Bunni concludes by saying she thought Offset and Cardi B’s marriage "wasn’t serious," just based on how little he talked about his wife and how she never saw or heard Cardi call Offset.

And now she’s upset that Offset has simply dismissed her entirely.

"My feelings are really hurt, I want him to know my feelings are really hurt. I never came onto him, he came onto me."

As for how Cardi is feeling about everything these days?

As she says below, she really just wants to be demolished again by her husband’s large penis.