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We have an update on Rob Kardashian’s love life.

Which is to say the following:

Rob Kardashian apparently has a love life once again!

Alexis Skyy and rob

For reasons that are yet to be fully explained, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Alexis Skyy definitely appears to be getting frisky with the occasional sock designer, as both she and Rob have shared intimate videos of the other one on Instagram over the last week or so.

(No, not the sort of intimate video Skyy allegedly made with Fetty Wap.)

These videos and this report come amidst strong rumors that Skyy got into a fight with Blac Chyna.

Coincidence? Considering Chyna is Rob’s ex-fiancee and perpetual baby mama? We think so.

According to TMZ, Skyy (pictured below) and Chyna went at it during a private party in Los Angeles on Saturday night — and Skyy says Chyna was totally to blame.

Alexis Skyy Pic
Photo via Instagram

As Alexis tells it, Chyna invited her over to her table…

.. only to then hurl a drink at her out of nowhere.

Skyy told TMZ over the weekend that she responded by throwing punches at Chyna, which prompted her to be tossed from the event.

However, based on her Instagram account at least, Skyy then waited for Chyna outside of the club in order to finish their fight:

Skyy Taunt

From there, Skyy accused Chyna of using cocaine.

See for yourself:

Chyna Coke

Fast forward to Monday night and Kardashian shared a series of videos and photos of Skyy making him dinner at what appears to be Kris Jenner‘s Calabasas mansion.

This romance setting and date night took place after Rob referrde to Skky as his Women Crush Wednesday.

“My WCW… I’ve been wanting you for so long,” Kardashian wrote over a photo of Skyy hours prior to going public with their rendezvous.


Chyna, who shares a two-year old girl named Dream with Kardashian, has yet to address the fight or Skyy and Kardashian’s potential romance.

But Rob did reply to a Twitter user who asked about Skyy by saying he’s known her for five years.

We’re sure they’ve traveled in the same reality show circles (random parties and red carpet events) during this time.

Skyy, meanwhile, is 24 years old, and of Jamaican and Dominican descent; she grew up on Long Island, New York.

Just like Chyna, she started out as a stripper before moving on the world of reality television, having given birth to a daughter named Alaiya in Januart of last year.

Fetty Wap is the little girl’s father.

Wce Skyy

Based on the photos above, it’s not hard to see what Kardashian sees in Alexis Skyy.

But what does Alexis Skyy see in Kardashian?

Cold, hard cash.

We mean… we have no idea.