72-Year Old Marries Teenager She Met at Son's Funeral

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We know, we know:

You can't fight true love.

The heart wants what the heart wants and all that.

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But still.

You can go ahead and toss out whatever cliche you'd like about romance, and we're still gonna have the same reaction to the following story...

.... EWWWWW!

As reported by The Sun, Almeda and Gary Hardwick got married in 2016, only two weeks after they met -- at the funeral for Almeda's son, Robert.

This detail is strange and sort of gross enough on its own, but it gets even more strange and sort of gross.

Almeda is 72 years oldand Gary is 19.

Moreover, the relationship is apparently very hot and awfully heavy.

“I was married for 43 years and there wasn’t a lot of kissy, huggy stuff going on…no romance,” Almeda recently said on her YouTube channel.

But now? With Gary?

“We are always complimenting and kissing. We’re enjoying our relationship," she says. "When you meet that perfect one, that’s when you know you don’t want to lose that feeling.

"The compliments, the hugs the kisses… that’s very romantic."

gross couple

Almeda even went on to say that she and her much younger husband are "wonderful lovers" and that they first had sex on their wedding night.

“It was wonderful, beyond my wildest dreams,” says Gary, who previously dated a 77-year old. “She really is my dream woman and the physical side of our relationship couldn’t be better.”

Almeda hosts a talk show titled “Girl’s Talk,” where she offers advice to members of the public.

“In our relationship, we do little things each day to help each other out, whether he cooks me supper or mops for me," she told her fans of how she and Gary make it work, adding:

“We always thank each other. It’s the little things like that, cooking a meal, washing dishes."

Almeda and Gary Hardwick

She makes it all sound so normal and healthy, doesn't she?

Perhaps we are being too quick to judge.

Then again, the couple lives with one of Almenda's grandsons, who is three years older than her husband.

So that brings us back to: EWWWWWW!

Two-plus years ago, after her son died from a seizure, Almeda said she noticed Gary from across the room at the funeral home.

“He was on the other side of the church, but I kept looking over at him. It was like a bright light through the grief. Then, as I was walking to the door at the end, he came over and passed on his condolences.

"We didn’t have much time, but it was enough."

gary married

Two weeks after their first date, Gary and Almeda had the blessings of his family and agreed to wed.

Gary now has their names tattooed across his chest.

He says very simply of his bride:

“Almeda is so young at heart that age never bothers us, we never really think about it. I just know that God answered my prayers that day she walked into my life."

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