Blac Chyna to Rob Kardashian: Pay Your Child Support, Broke-Ass!

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After ten years on top, the Kardashians are as popular -- and as profitable -- as ever.

Kylie is nearly a billionaire; Kendall is one of the world's most famous models, and the rest of the sisters remain constant subjects of fascination in tabloids and on social media.

Of course, that leaves Rob ... who's not having such an easy time these days.

In fact, Rob says he can't afford to pay child support to his baby mama, Blac Chyna 

As you may have guessed, Chyna's not interested in hearing his excuses.

Take a look:

1. Better Days

Better Days
Blac and Rob's relationship was very brief and very volatile. But because it resulted in the birth of daughter Dream Kardashian, these two are bonded for life.

2. Bitter Breakup

Bitter Breakup
Rob and Blac parted ways in ugly fashion. There were allegations of assault and infidelity, and Rob even posted intimate photos as "revenge porn."

3. Living the Dream

Living the Dream
But something beautiful came out of all that ugliness. Rob became a dad, and Blac became a mother of two when little Dream entered the world in 2016.

4. The Settlement

The Settlement
It was initially agreed that Rob would pay Dream $20,000 per month for child support -- chump change in the Kardashians' world.

5. Rob Claps Back

Rob Claps Back
Of course, we suppose it was only a matter of time before Rob's lawyers petitioned to "modify" that agreement.

6. Broke Rob

Broke Rob
According to court documents filed this week, Rob's lawyers claim the former reality star “can no longer afford" his child support payments.

7. Blame Chyna

Blame Chyna
Like President Trump, Rob enjoys pointing the finger squarely at Chyna. He even blames his ex for his current financial woes.

8. Rob's Vanishing Act

Rob's Vanishing Act
As you may have noticed, Rob hasn't been around much lately. He claims that's entirely because of Chyna.

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