Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: We're Excited About Our New Baby! Really!

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Catelynn Lowell could give birth any day now.

Right at this very moment, she could be up in Michigan, birthing a brand new Baltierra baby into this world.

Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!

Or she could just be at home, pretending her marriage with Tyler isn't completely falling apart.

Who can know?!

Let's be honest, things are very, very bad between Catelynn and Tyler these days.

They're better than they were a few months ago, but still ... it's not an ideal situation for sure.

Last year, just before Cate left Tyler and their daughter, Nova, for her second six-week rehab stay in Arizona, it seemed like they were on the brink of divorce.

Celebrating Nova

He didn't understand why she wouldn't even try to get therapy while still living at home, and she pulled a guilt trip by telling him that he should just leave her because she was too messed up.

And when poor Nova was having abandonment issues, Cate dropped her off at daycare without even telling her that she'd be leaving again for over a month.

Tyler tried to tell her how hard a time Nova had had during her first rehab stay, and Catelynn told him that "she'll manage."

It was bad.

On Teen Mom OG, we saw Tyler telling various family members about how his feelings for his wife weren't what they used to be.

Tyler Baltierra: A Selfie

He told his sister that he'd been thinking that perhaps they weren't right for each other anymore, and he told his mother that he was losing empathy for her.

And when she got home and refused to go to couples therapy with Tyler to work out those issues, things got even worse.

Eventually they went to a retreat in Arizona together, but it was there that he told her he wanted a separation.

Oh yeah, and at some point during all of this, Catelynn got pregnant.

They've both said that they'd been doing everything they could to prevent pregnancy, but ... well, we're not sure if we can believe that.

The Vision in Red

This is hardly their first rodeo, you know?

But she got pregnant, and they still had their separation, which lasted at least a month.

They also got just boatloads of criticism for all of this, because why bring another child into such an unstable relationship?

Even though Tyler made it clear that he wasn't happy with having another kid right now, and even though he made it clear at their gender reveal that he was doubly upset that they're having another girl, Cate has tried to make this seem like a happy time.

And she's doing just that in her latest baby update on Instagram.

Cradling That Bump

"Can't believe I'm 35 weeks tomorrow!!!!!" she wrote. "Baby girl we CANT WAIT to meet, hold, and smell you!"

"Nova is beyond excited to be your big sissy!!!!" she continued. "Daddy can't hide his excitement and momma can't wait to have you in her arms!!!!"

She posted this yesterday, which means she's 35 weeks along today -- just five weeks away from her due date!

This will be her third child, so there's a very good chance the baby could come even earlier.

But is Tyler really as excited as she said he is?

Cate and Tyler Photo

Apparently so!

Last week, he tweeted a video of a woman giving birth, and he called it "so beautiful."

"Women are just so amazingly strong!" he wrote.

"I can't wait to meet my baby, she will be here in about 4 weeks & I'd be lying if I said this video didn't get me emotional."

And then yesterday he shared an old photo of them together and commented that "Cate is now 35 weeks pregnant with our 3rd little tribe member & I can't wait to meet her."

Is everything going to work out with these two?

Is the baby going to magically bring them together and solve all their issues with each other and heal the whole entire family?

Here's hoping, we guess.

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