Tyler Baltierra Breaks Silence: Is He Really Cheating on Catelynn Lowell?!

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Remember when Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were the cutest couple on Teen Mom?

Man, what happened?

Obviously lots and lots of things happened, and now they are less cute and more on the brink of divorce.

And although Tyler, who has long been considered a top notch guy, says he hasn't cheated and has no desire to cheat ...

Well, that's getting harder and harder to buy, let's just say that.

1. Yikes

Really, when it comes to these two these days, what more can you say?

2. Well ...

Well ...
You can actually say a whole, whole lot more, so let's go ahead and do that OK?

3. Real Talk

Real Talk
It's just that the relationship between Catelynn and Tyler has gotten SO BAD over the past couple of years, hasn't it?

4. Little Babies

Little Babies
It's not like we'd say that they've ever had a super healthy thing going on or anything, but that's not really their fault -- they've been together since they were 12, they went through a pregnancy and an adoption when they were teens because their parents were abusive addicts who married each other.

5. Good Job, We Guess

Good Job, We Guess
Honestly, they've probably done pretty well, considering the hands they were dealt in life.

6. Still ...

Still ...
But there's no denying that ever since Cate left home about a year ago for two separate six-week stays at a treatment center in Arizona, things have definitely gotten worse than they've ever been.

7. What Happened?

What Happened?
She left the first time because she was having suicidal thoughts after suffering a miscarriage, and then after being home for just a few weeks, she went back because, as she explained to Tyler at the time, she wanted to deal with some trauma she experienced in her childhood.

8. A Difficult Situation

A Difficult Situation
The problem was that their daughter, Nova, had really struggled with having her mom gone for so long, and although Tyler begged her to consider trying anything else besides leaving for over a month to Arizona, she refused.

9. Not Good

Not Good
And then, during that second stay, Tyler said that she'd told him she'd been skipping therapy to stay up late and watch movies -- he even said that he found such behavior "repulsing" and that he'd lost empathy for her.

10. REALLY Not Good

When she finally returned home, he asked her to get couples therapy, and he also requested that she watch some episodes of the show so she could get an idea of what things were like when she was gone. She refused to do either.

11. Oh

By the way, sometime during this whole mess she got pregnant, so ... there's that.

12. Compromise?

Eventually she suggested they do a couples retreat in -- wait for it -- Arizona, and it was there that Tyler told her he wanted a separation.

13. Interesting

Not your typical separation though -- he suggested just 30 days of living apart, and in those 30 days, they'd still talk and hang out and stuff.

14. The Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End?
Catelynn freaked out when he told her that, which, you know, fair. He assured her that he didn't want to be with anyone else, that he just wanted a little bit of time apart.

15. Personal Space

Personal Space
“It’s only eight minutes down the road,” Tyler explained on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. “We’re just living separate. It’s not like we’re dating other people and never talking to each other for 30 days. We all need personal space sometimes.”

16. Again, Fair

Again, Fair
“Yeah, but I don’t want this kind of space every couple years,” Cate pointed out.

17. Odd

It is interesting though, because on an episode that aired on December 10th, the separation was beginning. And as Tyler confirmed in a recent interview, they're still living separately. There's no way that that episode was filmed so recently ... so much for 30 days, huh?

18. What a Mess

What a Mess
At the risk of sounding negative, we really wouldn't be surprised if they end up divorced.

19. Easy, Tiger

Easy, Tiger
Especially because even though he keeps saying he's always been and will always be faithful, Tyler's talked a whole, whole lot about getting with other ladies.

20. Too Much

Too Much
On another recent episode, we saw his father ask if he ever wishes he would have been with more women, and he responded with a very enthusiastic "Yeah!"

21. Such Confusion

Such Confusion
"I want Cate when we were like 20, 21, 19, when we were like ... everything was ... I don't know," he continued. "I’m trying to, like, figure out how I can be supportive to Cate without being destructive to me."

22. Bad Move

Bad Move
What he said wasn't appreciated by Teen Mom fans, but as he explained on Twitter after the episode aired, "Listen...I don’t want to be with other women. Have I ever thought about it? Well, DUH! Everyone would be lying if they said they never have, especially when in a long term relationship. About her being 21/19, I meant that genuinely because that was before her mental health stuff."

23. This is Not the Way

This is Not the Way
And, wouldn't you know it, he's STILL trying to justify all the ways in which wanting to hook up with other women is totally fine.

24. Uh ...

Uh ...
Last night, he wrote up this mess of a tweet, if you can even believe it.

25. True Love

True Love
"If true love was easy, everyone would have it," he wrote. "Lust is a primitive instinct to encourage procreation for our species."

26. Oh, Monogamy

Oh, Monogamy
"Humans aren’t designed for monogamy & that’s why true love is so celebrated in our culture. But our culture forgets to mention the work that monogamous love takes."

27. It's True

It's True
Basically, whenever someone in a monogamous relationship starts giving the "monogamy isn't natural speech" ... well, it's trouble.

28. Good Question

Good Question
As someone asked in response to his tweet, "Should it be THAT hard? Marriage isn't an obligation and shouldn't be a constant struggle."

29. Come On, Kid

Come On, Kid
"You guys meet at such a young age and had a kid," someone else told him. "You never got to explore your oats. Just say it kid - you want to sleep around. Not judging."

30. Your BEST Life

Your BEST Life
Another person told him to "Just freaking get the divorce already. Stop writing weird poems on twitter. Grow a pair and live your best life in your octagon house WITHOUT CATE!!!"

31. So Many Questions

So Many Questions
So does Tyler really want to stay married to Catelynn, and if so, can he manage to be monogamous, no matter how much unnaturally hard work it may be? Are Teen Mom fans way off base in thinking he is just totally over her? WE NEED ANSWERS.

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