Tyler Baltierra: I'm a Terrible Husband and I Don't Deserve Catelynn!

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There was a time when Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were considered the most stable couple in the Teen Mom franchise.

Sadly, those days are long gone.

Yes, Cate and Tyler are still together ... but barely.

Lowell and Baltierra underwent a trial separation recently, and while both made it clear that they're hoping to save their marriage, it seems the process is taking a tremendous emotional toll.

Take a look:

1. The Troiubled Couple

The Troiubled Couple
Tyler and Catelynn have been enduring quite the rough patch lately -- and they haven't been shy about sharing their struggles with fans.

2. Both Struggling

Both Struggling
Tyler and Catelynn have both been diagnosed with mental disorders, and while they're both seeking treatment, the situation has put a strain on their marriage.

3. Gone Girl?

Gone Girl?
Lowell spent much of the past year in an Arizona treatment facility, and many fans accused her of abandoning her family.

4. Supportive Husband

Supportive Husband
Tyler remained supportive throughout Catelynn's many stints in rehab, happily assuming single dad responsibilities.

5. Taking a Toll

Taking a Toll
However, it appears that the many ups and downs of the past year have taken a tremendous psychological toll on Tyler.

6. Scapegoat Cate

Scapegoat Cate
Through it all, Catelynn has taken most of the blame for the couple's problems.

7. Therapy or Vacation?

Therapy or Vacation?
Many fans believe that she simply hightails it for Arizona whenever the going gets tough.

8. Trash-Talking Tyler

Trash-Talking Tyler
But there's a small contingent that thinks Tyler is the cause of the couple's problems.

9. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
One such hater took to Twitter to share her opinion last night. And Baltierra didn't shy away from explaining himself.

10. Tell Us What You REALLY Think!

Tell Us What You REALLY Think!
"Your [sic] a scum bag. You don’t deserve Cate. I hope karma bites you in the ass," the fan wrote.

11. Harsh Words

Harsh Words
Obviously, it was the troll's intention to shame Tyler. Fortunately, Baltierra didn't hold back in his response.

12. Opening Up

Opening Up
"You’re absolutely right...I don’t deserve Cate & trust me, karma has bitten me many times before, so I’m well equipped when she comes knocking again!" Baltierra tweeted.

13. A Different Approach

A Different Approach
Obviously, we're not accustomed to seeing self-deprecation from reality stars, but it seems to be working for Tyler.

14. The Defense

The Defense
Not surprisingly, many fans rushed to Tyler's defense.

15. Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety
"Honestly, how dare people tell you shit like this. As if we didn’t watch you be there for Cate when she went away to better herself," one fan tweeted.

16. On Trial

On Trial
The fan is referring to Catelynn and Tyler's recent decision to live in separate homes for one month.

17. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
"The 30 days wasn’t even a total isolated 'separation,'" Tyler explained in response.

18. Tyler's Take

Tyler's Take
"I was 8 min down the road & we had dinner dates, family movie nights, went on a mini vacation & it was EXACTLY what we needed for US! People can hate on me all day but my self assurance is not reliant on society’s acceptance," Baltierra continued.

19. Interesting ....

Interesting ....
Of course, it's worth noting that Tyler avoided any mention of how he and Cate are doing these days. But no matter what happens, they've certainly worked hard to save their marriage.

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