Alexis Skyy: I Want Rob Kardashian to Knock Me Up!!

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It appears that Alexis Skyy is dating Rob Kardashian for some reason, and Rob's loved ones are worried.

After the way that things blew up with Blac Chyna, they don't want to see him miserable again.

To make matters worse, apparently Alexis is not being subtle about wanting Rob to knock her up. Whoops.

Alexis Skyy, Business Meeting

RadarOnline reports that Alexis Skyy's apparent relationship with Rob Kardashian is worrying his loved ones.

"Rob’s sisters are hopeful that things will work out between Rob and Alexis," the insider begins.

"But," the source reveals. "None of them think that it will at all."

"They all really believe that Rob is using this girl to get back and Blac Chyna," the insider explains.

The source then says that this is "a claim that he doesn’t deny."

Revenge f--ks are well and good, but they are not the building blocks of solid, lasting relationships.

Rob with His Dream

Rob's sisters are better versed on living their love lives in the public eye, and are begging him to not make their mistakes.

"They have told Rob to keep his romance out of the spotlight," the insider shares.

The source says that the women explained to their unlucky-in-love brother that he needs to keep things low key "or it will fail."

Public awareness means public pressure and increased scrutiny, which is the last thing that a budding romance needs.

"But," the inisder laments. "Rob isn’t listening to their advice."

Yeah, what do the Kardashian women know about fame and relationships?

Alexis Skyy in Denim

Their fear is reportedly that Alexis is merely after what RadarOnline refers to as Rob's "Koveted Kardashian sperm."

That is not a phrase that I had planned to read with my own two eyes this early in the morning, but that's life, I guess.

(Hey, at least they didn't write a shorter word for sperm and replace the C with a K. Small mercies)

"Alexis would give anything to get pregnant with Rob’s baby," the source reports.

"She has even been telling people that," the insider reveals. How tacky!

"And," the source continues. "Rob’s sisters think it is just gross."

Blac Chyna at the Mic

You know who, of all people, agrees with Rob's sisters?

Blac Chyna herself.

She thinks Rob and Alexis are faking it all.

She thinks that Alexis is after clout, and her association with Rob is already increasing her name recognition.

Per the same theory, she thinks that Rob is being super flirty on social media to enact revenge on Chyna.

However, Chyna and Rob's custody agreement means that their various flings and one-night stands are not allowed to be introduced to Dream.

Dream shouldn't find herself getting attached to people who may soon vanish from her life, after all.

Kris Jenner Dances in Thank U, Next

There is one member of the family who doesn't seem to mind that Rob is careening towards another explosive breakup.

"Kris is loving every single minute of this drama," the insider claims.

Kris loves her son, obviously, but we can understand why she might put a positive spin on this.

Making the best of a famously embarrassing situation was one of the building blocks of the Kardashian brand -- and business empire.

The source says that Kris is thrilled "because she knows that it will make for some great TV next season when Rob returns."

Oh, Kris. What a delight.

Alexis Skyy Pic

So far, this sounds like a win-win scenario for everyone.

Rob gets either some revenge on Chyna or simply laid -- and possibly both, depending upon how fake you think things are.

Kris gets some new reality TV drama.

Alexis gets some out-of-this-world exposure that she can use to market herself for years.

And Dream remains untouched by the whole thing.

That said, most of that was true for Rob's relationship with Chyna, and that blew up catastrophically in everyone's face.

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