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Last week, millions were shocked by the news that Rob Kardashian is dating Alexis Skyy.

It wasn’t the specifics of the relationship that caught the world off guard, but rather, the fact that Rob is dating anyone.

Alexis Skyy and rob

You see, as an unemployed sweatpant aficionado who lives with his mom and has previously demonstrated a disturbing willingness to post revenge porn in order to get back at his exes, Rob isn’t the kind of guy who’s in high demand on the dating scene.

But it seems at least one person was fully aware that Rob would find a new love eventually — his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

Of course, Chyna is of the opinion that Rob’s relationship with Alexis is completely phony.

Allow us to explain:

Blac Chyna, Alexis Skyy Split

According to TMZ, Rob and Blac have a clause in their custody agreement that prohibits either party from introducing their daughter, Dream, to any new romantic partners.

As is customary, they define "new" partners as anyone who’s been in the picture for less than six months.

So Alexis is on track to meet Dream sometime around June.

Alexis Skyy Pic

Or at least she would be, if Chyna believed she and Rob were actually dating.

Yes, apparently Blac is under the impression that Alexis simply "clout chasing" and dating Rob because of his famous last name.

She also believes that Rob and Alexis are being flirty on social media just to mess with her.

To be fair, there’s a lot that supports her theory.

Alexis Skyy in Denim

For starters, Alexis went on a "follow frenzy" in the days after she and Rob started dating.

She apparently, followed every one of his sisters on Instagram in hopes that they would reciprocate.

So far, it doesn’t appear that any of them have, which is a good indication that they share Chyna’s misgivings.

Blac Chyna Goes Blue

On top of that, Alexis is dating Rob Kardashian, which is always a highly suspicious move.

Over the weekend, Blac went off on Alexis at a house party, inviting her for a drink before pulling a complete 180 and kicking Skyy out of her "section."

Initially, it was reported that Blac was angry that Alexis is dating Rob.

But now, it seems Chyna simply has her doubts about Skyy and is concerned about the possibility of an ambitious social climber playing a role in her daughter’s life.