Scott Disick: PISSED That Kourtney Kardashian Is Banging Travis Barker!

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Sure, Scott Disick has been dating Sofia Richie for over a year, but if you think the relationship would enable him to finally overcome his obsession with Kourtney Kardashian, you don't know Disick.

There have been rumors lately that Sofia is dating Travis Barker.

Scott, Kourtney, Travis

Our older readers will remember him as the drummer for Blink 182, while our younger readers are more likely to think of him as "that skinny tattooed guy who's always hanging out with famous people."

In either case, Travis has been attracting a lot of attention in recent weeks, due to his "friendship" with Kourtney Kardashian.

Yes, officially Kourtney and Travis are not banging.

Travis Barker Photograph

But c'mon ... they're totally banging.

Insiders say Kourtney and Travis have been circling each other for years, and now that they're both single, they've leaped at the opportunity to get it on.

And Scott Disick -- who, again, is in a very serious longterm relationship -- is reportedly very angry about the situation.

Scott Disick in Yellow

“Travis and Kourtney are very flirty when they’re together but she swears they’re just really good friends,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“Not everyone believes her though, Scott is very suspicious that there could be something going on between them on the down low," the insider adds.

"He gets riled up when he sees pictures of them hanging out, it bugs him because he feels like Kourtney’s hiding something from him.

Kourtney Kardashian Argues

"He grills her over it all the time, he still wants to know every move she makes, but she just laughs it off.”

In the time since her split from Scott, Kourtney has dated Younes Bendjima and gotten friendly with several other men, some of whom were quite a bit younger than her.

But for some reason, it's the Travis situation that really has Scott pissed off.

Scott Holds Sofia

Perhaps since Kourt and Travis have been friends for so many years, and he's actually near her level in terms of fame, Scott is conce4rned that they'll get serious in a hurry.

We can see how the prospect of his kids having a new father figure in their life might concern him, but this is Scott Disick we're talking about, so his concerns are probably far more superficial.

He's probably just worried that there's some truth behind the old stereotype that drummers really know how to bang.

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