38 Photos of Kourtney Kardashian Showing Scott Disick What He's Missing

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Kourtney Kardashian has been flaunting her gorgeousness - and her independence - ever since she broke up with Scott Disick last fall.

For the most part, the mother of three has not commented directly on the split, or the circumstances that led to it, but she doesn't have to.

Kourt's eye-popping Instagram photos do the talking, and not always subtly. Especially not the #TBT or #FBF variety (see page 2).

She's vulnerable, yes, but strong, capable and having the time of her life.

And did we mention smoking hot? Because she's that, too.

Scott, you are officially a complete and utter moron.

Here are some of the many photos to prove it.

1. Flaunting Her Abs

Flaunting Her Abs
Kourtney Kardashian recently flaunts her abs on Instagram. Did you know she just had a child in December? Her third? Yup, safe to say she is proud of her post-baby physique.

2. At the Gun Range

At the Gun Range
The timing of this #TBT photo right around when Scott was living it up with Chloe Bartoli in France could not have been a coincidence.

3. Independence Day

Independence Day
With her man doing who knows what with who knows who, Kourtney celebrates the freedom of this country ... and her newfound freedom from someone who doesn't deserve her!

4. Butt Selfie

Butt Selfie
We support Kourtney's campaign to torment Scott, but she's getting into cruel and unusual territory here.

5. Sisterly Fun

Sisterly Fun
If there's one thing the Kardashian girls know how to do it's have fun and be silly together. Sometimes there's no better cure for a bad breakup.

6. Domestic Diva

Domestic Diva
Not that Scott Disick ever did any chores anyway, we're guessing, but safe to say Kourtney has it under control as a single mom.

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