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Some of our readers might not be old enough to remember a time when Blink-182 was the biggest thing in music, but Kourtney Kardashian certainly is, and it seems that like generations of Hot Topic shoppers before her, she has a thing for the drummer.

Yes, according to Radar Online Travis Barker is banging more than just his snare these days.

That’s our way of saying he’s having sex with Kourtney … or hoping to, anyway.

“Travis lives a couple of blocks from Kourt in the same gated community in Calabasas and their kids play together,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“He’s always had a bit of a thing for her.”

It seems Travis was intent on swooping in after learning that Kourtney had dumped Scott Disick for good.

After receiving word that Kourtney was dating Younes Bendjima, however, he reportedly felt that he’d “missed his chance.”

Kourtney Kardashian Laughs

Now, however, another window of opportunity has presented itself.

And apparently, Travis has every intention of taking advantage.

Though she hasn’t made any sort of formal announcement, it looks as though Kourtney has broken up with Younes.

She recently unfollowed him on Instagram, and when fans noticed the move, she deleted her account entirely.

These days, she’s back on the ‘Gram, but tellingly, she has not re-followed Younes.

Kourtney Kardashian Says Good Morning

Sensing a second chance, Travis has apparently already devised a strategy.

And it seems that step one is showing Kourt that he’s more than just a drummer.

“He wants to take her for dinner at his Crossroads restaurant and wow her with all his favorite vegan dishes,” says the source.

It’s a simple, but calculated plan.

Kourtney’s last two exes are 24-year-old Younes and Scott, who has the mental age of roughly 14.

Travis Barker: Knott's Berry Farm's Countdown To Christmas

Travis is 42.

He’s built a successful career for himself as a musician, music producer, reality star, and restaurateur.

If it weren’t for Kourtney, Scott would probably be selling his plasma for pints of Thunderbird, and the resulting power imbalance always led to trouble in their relationship.

She would have no such problem with Travis, and it seems he wants her to know that.

The two of them certainly have potential as a couple.

Hopefully, Travis is on board with entering a situation where he’ll likely have to deal with a very drunk and very clingy ex.