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Rob Kardashian has endured quite a number of trials and tribulations over the past 

Granted, many of his problems are self-created, and the 31-year-old has engaged in some truly deplorable behavior over the years, but there’s still been a great deal of public concern about his apparent self-destruction.

A Rob Kardashian Selfie
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One of the clearest outward indicators of his mental health has been Rob’s weight.

The former reality star’s size has fluctuated wildly over the years, and insiders say all those ups and downs have taken a tremendous toll on his health.

Rob managed to lose a great deal of weight during his relationship with Blac Chyna, but it seems he’s been gaining it back in the years since they called it quits.

Rob with His Dream
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Rob has been keeping a low profile in recent months, but unlike previous occasions in which he abruptly disappeared from the public eye, insiders say there’s no cause for concern.

Rob is apparently steering clear of harmful influences so that he can fully focus on his health.

Sources say he reached the decision to change his ways after receiving some very dire warnings from his team of doctors.

Rob Kardashian in a Car
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“He was warned that if he didn’t lose weight, it could eventually become life or death, but since then he lost pounds and feels so much better,” one insider tells Entertainment Tonight.

"Rob has struggled nonstop for years with his weight and he finally seems to have turned his life around,” the source adds.

“Lately Rob’s friends have been talking about how proud they are of him because he made his health a priority.”

Robby Kardashian

“He works out regularly with a trainer and that has made a difference in his shape. He really is beginning to look like the old Rob.”

The insider adds that Rob’s family has offered both emotional and financial support, as they don’t want him worried about anything other than getting well.

“Kris has been a huge financial support,” the insider says.

Rob Kardashian in a Cap
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“His mother purchased part of his sock company, which has helped tremendously. He wants to do more business and has been talking to companies about partnering with their brands.”

As for his dating life, Rob is reportedly happily single these days.

The source claims he has no intention of re-entering the dating pool until his health and his finances are back on track.

Rob Kardashian Confessional
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"Rob is nowhere near dating anyone right now seriously,” the insider says.

“He’s happy to be getting himself back and wants to focus on that now.

"Rob has changed and wants to be the best father he can be. He wants to make sure Dream is cared for, so he is working on a plan to make more money.”

Sounds like Rob is finally back on the road to recovery. We wish him all the best.