Jennifer Lawrence Accused of Trading Sex With Harvey Weinstein for Career

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Those who've been on social media since 2012 have witnessed both the rise and fall of J Law.

But even though Jennifer Lawrence defended Ryan Seacrest against #MeToo accusations, she totally disavows Harvey Weinstein.

And she's now responding to the rumor that the disgraced former producer launched her career in exchange for sex.

Harvey Weinstein Pic

Late last week, a Jane Doe plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein.

The actual suit says that he lured her into a private meeting under the guise of discussing her career, only to then sexually assault her.

It is an all-too-familiar story of the nightmare that many women face in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Though the actress filing the suit has not been identified, one very recognizable name from court documents caught people's attention.

According to the lawsuit, Weinstein once claimed that he had slept with Jennifer Lawrence.

His alleged brag also said that the sexual relationship was responsible for J Law's A-list career.

Jennifer Lawrence with Wine

Of particular note was that he referred to Jennifer's 2012 Oscar win.

"I slept with Jennifer Lawrence and look where she is," he reportedly told Jane Doe. "She has just won an Oscar."

The implication was that he could make -- or break -- careers on a whim.

Pointing to a star at the height of her career and claiming that he made it happen in exchange for sex was clearly meant to encourage this woman to voluntarily sleep with him.

That is just so gross -- especially in light of everything else that the world has heard about Weinstein.

So ... is it true?

Harvey Weinstein Sucks

Jennifer Lawrence released a statement to Entertainment Tonight to address the claim that Weinstein allegedly made to the unnamed actress.

"My heart breaks for all the women who were victimized by Harvey Weinstein," Jennifer Lawrence writes.

But she, she announces, was not one of them.

J Law states: "I have never had anything but a professional relationship with him."

"This is yet another example of the predatory tactics and lies that he engaged," she concludes. "In to lure countless women."

Jennifer Lawrence Dazzles

"This lawsuit was filed and updated strategically with no notice given or any attempt to reach out to Mr. Weinstein's attorneys for one reason;" Weinstein's team claims.

That's right -- he still has people who are willing to take his money in order to defend him.

"It was meant to embarrass Mr. Weinstein and garner unchecked media attention," Weinstein's spokesperson claims.

Bold of them to imply that their client could possibly be embarrassed at this point. We're well past that.

"There is absolutely no truth to the malicious claims made in this lawsuit," the response claims.

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The statement continues: "And we are reviewing our options with an eye on filing for an immediate dismissal."

"Mr. Weinstein is embarrassed for Ms. Lawrence," the spokesperson says.

They continue: "with whom he has only had a professional and respectful relationship, who has sadly been dragged into this ugly attempt at defamation."

Jennifer Lawrence began her statement by directly expressing sympathy for Weinstein's alleged victims, but she didn't say alleged.

We imagine that J Law would tell Weinstein exactly where he can stick his embarrassment.

Jennifer Lawrence and a Tape Measure

In the end, Weinstein's response says that this lawsuit is just taking cheap shots without repercussion.

"This filing further proves that anyone can say whatever they want in a lawsuit," the spokesperson adds.

The statement concludes: "for maximum shock value, to defame and debase, without having to offer any facts or reality."

Well, people can make a lot of accusations in lawsuits.

But we somehow doubt that Jane Doe filed this suit for fun.

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