Jenelle Evans: Could She Be Arrested for Burning Kailyn Lowry's Products?!

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Jenelle Evans ...

Well, bless her heart, she isn't the brightest crayon in the box, is she?

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She makes terrible decisions almost exclusively, and no one on earth has time to do a complete rundown of those.

But recently, she's been reigniting her feud with Kailyn Lowry ... literally, even.

We'll get into the fire stuff in a minute, but just for fun, let's review how we got to this point, OK?

See, Jenelle and Kailyn used to be friends back in the early days of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle and Kailyn

That ended several years ago when Kailyn bailed Jenelle out of jail -- Jenelle promised she'd pay her back, and she never did.

This was when they weren't making much at all on the show, so the money Kailyn spent was a pretty big deal.

In a recent interview, Kail revealed that she was there for her former friend in many ways back then, and that once she even cared for her when she was "strung out."

She also said that Jenelle blames her for not being close with the rest of the cast, when in fact she isolated herself from everyone.

Kailyn, Leah, Chelsea

It's definitely a complicated situation, and it only got more complicated when Kailyn expressed concern after Jenelle's 911 call in which she claimed David had abused her.

Since then, Jenelle has been especially cruel, even saying that perhaps they have problems getting along because Kailyn is "confused about her sexuality."

Earlier this month, Kailyn tried to smooth things over by sending Jenelle a PR package of her new haircare line, Pothead Haircare.

Kailyn Lowry for Good American

Jenelle did not appreciate the gesture.

Yesterday, she shared a video on Instagram that showed her pouring gasoline all over the products and setting them on fire.

"Hey Kail," she said, standing in her yard and holding a propane torch. "This is to your peace offering."

It was all very embarrassing.

In her caption, she wrote that Kailyn has been "super jealous and envious of all us girls on the show," and that she's been "a mean ass person" towards her.

"You apologize on/off, claim I need to be apologizing sometimes, then talk sh-t constantly about me and my husband to the tabloids?!"

"THEN you had the balls to send me a PEACE GATHERING GIFT?!" she asked, ensuring that "peace gathering gift" will be a beloved phrase in the Teen Mom lexicon for years to come.

"Don't send me gifts and then go talk sh-t AGAIN!!!" she told her.

Jenelle in Leggings

"Wow, you're an idiot cuz this is what I do for gifts sent from fake ass bitches like you."

She finished with "Stay out of my life, go worry about your own."

It's like she really thought this would make her seem cool and edgy when really it's just immature and sad.

Kailyn even benefited from it by announcing a flash sale -- 15% off orders if you used the code "LIT" -- and she sold tons and tons of products.

Kailyn Lowry in Cut Offs

And she may be benefiting even more, if she's a fan of karma.

Because according to Jenelle's local police officials, what she did was illegal.

As North Carolina law states, "it is always illegal to burn trash and other non-vegetative materials."

Meanwhile, leaves, branches, and things like that can be burned "under certain conditions."

Jenelle Evans: A Car Selfie

While the whole selling point of Kailyn's products is that they contain hemp, we doubt Jenelle could use that to get out of trouble with this one.

And what's the penalty for burning things you're not allowed to burn?

Fines up to $25,000.

For some reason, Jenelle and David both seem to think that since they own their property, laws don't apply to them there.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

That they can do anything they want with no repercussions as long as it's on their land.

It's a really weird outlook to have, and obviously that's not the way the law works.

Of course, Jenelle has managed to be Jenelle for years and years without experiencing any real consequences, so it seems unlikely that anything will come of her latest dumb move.

But if it did, if she actually had to pay $25,000 for trying to get back at Kailyn?

Oh, what a glorious day that would be ...

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