Kailyn Lowry Attempts to Squash Beef With Jenelle Evans, Gets Reminded of How Petty Jenelle Evans Is

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It's not surprising that Kailyn Lowry would attempt to make peace with her longtime rival Jenelle Evans.

After all, the Teen Mom 2 co-stars live in different states, but they're still forced to interact on social media and at the occasional reunion special (when Jenelle deigns so show up).

So it's just easier for everyone if they get along.

But, of course, Jenelle doesn't see it that way.

No, for the Carolina Hurricane, beef has no expiration date, and it seems she has zero interest in patching up her relationship with Kail.

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

It's hard to believe, but there was a time -- not all that long ago -- when Kail and Jenelle were actually close friends.

2. Life Saver

Life Saver
In fact, Kail went to great lengths to help Jenelle out of a tough spot following one of her many arrests.

3. Those Days Are Done

Those Days Are Done
Sadly, at this point, it doesn't look as though Kail and Jenelle will ever be able to bury the hatchet, despite Lowry's repeated attempts to be the bigger person.

4. Class Act

Class Act
Even though David Eason recently made a crude, unprovoked comment about Kail's appearance on Jenelle's Instagram page, Kail decided to extend an olive branch.

5. Peace Pipe

Peace Pipe
She did so by sending Kail some free samples from her newly-launched Pothead haircare line, so named because the products contain hemp-derived CBD oil.

6. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
“I sent everyone in the cast a PR box, including Jenelle,” Kail told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup at a recent launch party for the line.

7. Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice
“I figured maybe this will be the thing that breaks the ice and we’ll be cool again," Lowry added.

8. Are We Surprised?

Are We Surprised?
Kail says she has yet to hear back from Jenelle -- and from what we've heard, it seems she shouldn't hold her breath.

9. Trash Talk

Trash Talk
In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Jenelle opened up about her feelings toward Kail. And it seems she's still not a fan.

10. Not Mincing Words

Not Mincing Words
Jenelle was asked point-blank if she has any friends in the cast and if she can imagine ever getting along with Kail again. For once, we have no reason to doubt that she was truthful in her response.

11. Jenelle and Bri

Jenelle and Bri
“The only one I get along with is Bri [Briana DeJesus],” Jenelle told the site.

12. Broken Trust

“I don’t talk to Kail and don’t think I would ever trust her again," she added.

13. Harsh Words

Harsh Words
Jenelle obviously has no intention of offering Kail a second chance, and the situation has led many to wonder -- did Kail really do something to betray Jenelle's trust?

14. Nah

The short answer is "no." The long answer is "hell, no. This is Jenelle we're talking about; you still take anything she says seriously?"

15. Quite the Opposite

Quite the Opposite
In fact, if you'll recall, it was Jenelle who betrayed Kail in brutal fashion.

16. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
When Kail was pregnant with her third child, Jenelle took it upon herself to share the news with her millions of social media followers before Kail was ready to go public.

17. Irony, Thy Name Is Jenelle

Irony, Thy Name Is Jenelle
It was an ironic way to screw over a former friend, considering Jenelle is constantly crowing about her own need for privacy.

18. The Trash Talk Continues

The Trash Talk Continues
These days, Jenelle and her unemployed husband, David Eason, still throw shade at Kail every chance they get.

19. Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line
Recently, Jenelle was asked about Kail during an Instagram Q&A, and she disparaged Lowry's bisexuality, writing, “Maybe she’s confused about her sexuality" as a possible reason for why Kail might be angry.

20. David Jumps In

David Jumps In
"I thought you were a lesbian?" David commented. "Oh, I see, you just like to f–k everyone. I guess Barb was right about you LMAO.”

21. What a Guy

What a Guy
As usual, Kail was quick to shut David down, tweeting, "Imagine being a grown ass man trolling on your wife’s costars Instagrams. Married a winner."

22. Ganging Up

Ganging Up
Jenelle and David both went in on Kail after Jenelle posted an ad on her IG page with the caption, "When [Flat Tummy Tea] gets you results [like] this you can leave the tummy tucks to the other moms."

23. Dave's Two Cents

Dave's Two Cents
“Yea, like @kaillowry," Eason chimed in, sounding very much like a man who has nothing better to do that involve himself in his wife's drama.

24. Shrugging It Off

Shrugging It Off
"It’s clear that David has issues, if it wasn’t me it would be someone else," Kail has said in response to David's trash talk. "I keep shrugging it off. All of that says more about them than it does about me."

25. Taking One for the Team

Taking One for the Team
It's possible that, given David's abusive past, Kail feels it's better that he's taking his aggression out on someone who lives in a different state. And that's a gift for Jenelle that's far more valuable than all the haircare products in the world.

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