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90 Day Fiance aired its season finale and viewers are already hyped for the Tell-All Special.

But the finale itself had so much, including Jay Smith’s cheating scandal and a lot of family drama.

Who actually made it to the altar? Take a look:

Asuelu and Oliver's First Halloween with Kalani

Let’s start with Kalani and Asuelu, who are likeable enough even though they really should not have gotten married.

These two had a lot of problems from the beginning. Their fling would never have become more than that if she hadn’t become pregnant.

Kalani had baby Oliver and she and Asuelu resolved to marry … and now Kalani is pregnant again.

So she spends a lot of her wedding day episode narrative hoping that her father won’t find out that she’s expecting her second child.

(As you may recall, Asuelu refuses to wear condoms and says that they are for "slut people," which is … really stupid)

He doesn’t find out on screen, though he obviously knows about it now.

Should these two have gotten married? No. Did they? Yes. Their wedding was as beautiful as the memes spawned from Asuelu’s crying.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Wedding Reception
Photo via Instagram

Next up, we have to talk about this season’s worst couple: Colt and Larissa.

While most of the drama with Coltee and Larissa happened off-screen, plenty of their nonsense was caught on camera.

These two did get married, despite Larissa’s (first) domestic battery arrest.

Larissa got married in a wedding dress from Goodwill.

There were more people from TLC, filming and producing the wedding, than there were actual guests.

Considering the bride and groom themselves … that’s not really a huge surprise.

Leida and Eric
Photo via TLC

Speaking of toxic relationships, let’s look at Eric and Leida.

Admittedly, most of their drama was with Eric’s family, whom Leida seems to think he should foreswear.

Leida’s dismissive attitude towards Eric’s children has earned her a lot of hate (deservedly) and some death threats (not cool).

Despite Eric’s lack of financial resources, he and Leida did get married.

His older daughters were not interested in watching this go down, but his youngest was there.

For a comical twist, Eric forgot his pants just 35 minutes before the wedding.

For possibly the first time, I sympathize with the guy — pants are nothing but leg-prisons.

Eric immediately dashes any connection wtih viewers by toasting "everyone that showed up" to his wedding.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova and Baby
Photo via Instagram

Steven and Olga’s story really belonged on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

Why? Because Olga gave birth in Russia, and this high-conflict couple spent their time in Russia.

Steven’s open resentment of their child, Alex (that’s his name, regardless of what you heard on the show; it’s a long story), was yikes-worthy.

So it was nice for viewers to see him leave Russia without Olga and without their baby.

He was vowing to work on the K-1 Visa paperwork (it costs money, folks).

Fans really, really hope that he gave himself a major attitude adjustment, too. Because, in real life, these two are still together.

We will say that their social media posts seem extremely endearing.

The secret is for Steven to not be talking while the camera is on.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera
Photo via Instagram

Jonathan and Fernanda’s wedding was almost as beautiful as the couple themselves.

The one downside to their happy day was that Jonathan’s mother couldn’t attend, at the last minute.

This wasn’t an issue with Fernanda or her youth. Jonathan’s grandfather was sick.

Real life doesn’t pause for weddings, and Fernanda understood that.

Fernanda also wished that her own mother could be in attendance.

Also, Fernanda let it slip that she’s planning to have yet another wedding in Mexico, so it’s all good.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, Wedding Day Photo
Photo via Instagram

Then there’s Jay and Ashley.

Ashley caught Jay cheating on her, though he objects to that definition of "cheating."

The dude downloaded Tinder the instant that they got married. She caught him video chatting another girl the day ater their wedding.

Ashley was understandably furious, which is probably why Jay is currently asking fans for cash.

Jay is 20 and seems to have almost no impulse control.

From day one, Ashley’s friends had warned her that he was going to cheat on her.

We had all hoped that they were wrong.

Ashley Martson is Done With Jay Smith

Who else is absolutely, unapologetically hyped for the Tell-All Special?

They’ll get into relationship issues, from Jay’s cheating to Steven’s absolutely repulsive attitude and the way that he speaks to Olga.

But most of all, fans are looking forward to seeing how Larissa interacts with her castmates.

Coltee may be good at putting on his condescending "nice voice" and at least pretending to be reasonable.

Larissa has not pretended to be reasonable a day in her life, and cameras are not going to stop her.

Get excited, folks.